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This is an update to a former theory, and it's coming into clearer view with some of the most recent events of the MCU. With the Infinity War storyline in full swing and Captain America: Civil War coming within the year to a theater near you, my mind has been twirling with the different directions that Marvel could take as these current stories wrap up. As much as I'd love to see the Dark Avengers make their way to the silver screen, I still think that is a ways off (let's wait and see how the third iteration of Spider-man goes, than we can talk); however, The Masters of Evil have been a ragtag team of villains pestering the Avengers for as long as Earth's Mightiest Heroes have been around and with all of the villains present (and kicking, I would add) in the MCU, it would make sense that something would bring the Avengers back together after their Civil War or once Thanos can't take them down, villains may indeed come together--making a team of their own.

The Masters of Evil are one of the largest and longest-running alliances of super-villains in history, led by assorted criminal masterminds and comprised of an ever-changing membership ranging from minor thugs to major menaces. In many ways, they are the criminal equivalent of the Avengers, the Masters' first and most frequent foes.

We already have a plethora of villains that could take up the mantle of leading this crew and, while I have my own ideas of who it will be, I'll let you scan the roster from the updated MCU Exchange to make up your own mind:


Kruger, Belyakov girls, Blackout, Scorch and Raza.


Wesley, Dr, List, The Other, Bakshi.


Raina, the Ranskahov brothers, Baron von Strucker, and Jasper Sitwell.


Kurse, Korath, Savin, and Ellen Brandt. MCU wiki says Absorbing Man is in custody/petrified... so make of that what you will.


John Healy and Agent 33/Kara Palamas.


Killian, Laufey, Malekith, Yellow Jacket (Darren Cross), John Garrett, Ronan, and Whitehall.


Whiplash, Pierce, Stane, and Ultron.

I'm surprised not to see Samuel Sterns (a.k.a. The Leader) or The Mandarin on this list (though that's not as surprising, being that he doesn't have a face in the MCU yet), but other than that I believe this list it pretty complete.

Samuel Sterns from The Incredible Hulk
Samuel Sterns from The Incredible Hulk
The REAL Mandarin, not yet cast.
The REAL Mandarin, not yet cast.

I didn't include Thanos, but we all know he's here too; his presence is undeniable.

All of this isn't even taking into account that, by the time both the Civil War and Infinity War story-lines are done, we'll easily have many more villains.

Here are the leaders from different incarnations in the comics (in chronological order):

1. Baron Zemo
2. Ultron-5
3. Egghead
4. Baron Zemo
5. Doctor Octopus
6. Baron Zemo
7. Crimson Cowl
8. Crimson Cowl
9. Max Fury (w/ Baron Zemo)
10. Lightmaster
House of M: The Hood

Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl

With Daniel Brühl cast to play Baron Helmut Zemo in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, is there any doubt that The Masters of Evil are on their way to the MCU? (Or maybe The Thunderbolts?)

The big question: what do you think? Possible for what's to come or not? Share you're opinions below.

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Are the Masters of Evil on their way to the MCU?


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