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Big surprises at the box office this weekend as "Pitch Perfect 2" sings its way to #1! Earning a hefty 70.3 million and over double all expectations, this song and dance show hits the chart strong! Word-of-mouth is fair to good on the film and with Memorial Day next week, it could sustain for another solid week. New at #2 is the remake "Mad Max: Fury Road" earning 44.4 million and also about double expectations. Reviews are strong for this film with the stunts and action sensory overload going on. Should hold OK for another week but not as strong as the #1 movie this weekend. Holding ground at #3 is "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" with an extra 38.8 mil and almost to the 400 mil domestic cume mark. With the holiday coming up, it should reach it by Monday of next week. Drop to #4 is "Hot Pursuit" with 5.8 mil and quickly losing the chase. Rounding off the top 5 is "Furious 7" with another 3.7 mil and pretty much out of gas at this point.

New movies next week:
Two new movies this coming weekend both in wide release in time for Memorial day. Up first is the remake of the horror classic "Poltergeist" with about 2800 screens. Not a lot of mystery or surprises left in this one as they show them all in the trailer. I would look for it in the mid 20's range for the 4-day. Up next is "Tomorrowland" with probably around 3000 screens and looks to be a very solid film. Special effects look grand and early screenings showing positive feedback. Could open in the 40's range for the 4-day, potentially higher.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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