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Is It Is It NO! It's SuperList !!!
Kay Lightnin

There are many charcters who are long over due a Tv Series, or TV Series Reboot,

5. Punisher

The punisher is an awesome choise for a reboot, it will have a dark and gritty feel to it and it will be a tv series much like the movie.

4. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a perfect choise for a reboot, it will explore the more evil side of the mcu, and the supernatural underworld features to. Again it would have the same feel as the movie.

3. Blade

Blade is another character who deserves a reboot, much like ghost rider it would explore the more supernatrual side of the mcu, and the feel of the series would be much like shows like buffy, or supernatural.

2. Nick Fury

Another reboot, i know it's crazy, but this show much like the series gotham, would be more like a prequal about nick fury in his younger days. this would be awesome and would have the same feel as the marvel series agent carter.

1. The New Warriors

This could be a fake reality show, much like in the comics, it would be awesome, them talking to the camera it would be a show like real housewivesbut with superheroes, i know insane right? you could have different heroes and villans in each episode which would expand the mcu!


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