ByBrad Dee, writer at

Since the conclusion of "Original Sin", Jason Aaron has crafted a mystery in the pages of Thor. Well, two mysteries technically. One involved the Godson and why he no longer was able to hold his sacred hammer. The other involved a new character as the leading lady of the story. But, who was this mystery woman and how did she get the powers of Thor. That was the central peak of the comic series, and as a whole it was done perfectly by both Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman. This issue again served its purpose quite wonderfully as we finally did learn who was under the helmet, and we witnessed an all out battle between all the leading women of the comic series(and other series) and the Destroyer, who's only goal was to get the hammer away from someone that Odin felt was unworthy.

The end of this story is also the beginning of another. Sure, "Secret Wars" is here meaning the Marvel universe has been destroyed.But, we already know that this Thor will still be around following that epic event. Thor #8 is another excellent issue and the story of Thor is only just beginning. After the big reveal at the end, we are left wondering how much longer ********* will be able to keep her identity a secret whilst continuing her battle against the evil of the ten realms. The true beauty of this story is also in the notion that the ending is really just a beginning. In many mysteries, we are left with a satisfying conclusion when the big reveal happens. In this, we are left with so many questions and so much peril, that we can't wait for the next issue of this comic to see what comes next. As a whole, if you chose not to read this comic, you have missed out greatly. Even if you weren't a Thor fan before, this comic had alot of everything in it to fulfill any type of comic that you enjoy. The action was crisp, the art was amazing, the humor was funny and the ending will make you smile but also be worried of the leading lady of the series. I give this issue a 8 out of 10, and I feel it was a "worthy" ending of the comic set.


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