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Disney movies marked our childhood. Most of us grew dancing to their magical tunes and catchy songs, pretending to be the handsome heroes or the brave and beautiful princesses fighting for love and glory.

Disney not only gave us good memories and noble and brave heroes, but evil and perverse antagonists that triggered our deepest fears and fueled our most obscure nightmares.

All Disney villains are wicked and repulsive, but there is an elite of antagonists that are ahead of the rest. They are especially evil and terrifying and can fill the heart of the bravest man with fear and despair.

I will introduce to you the 7 most terrifying and vile Disney villains ever.

I hope you like it!

7 - Claude Frollo - The Hunchback of Notredame.

Claude Frollo is one of the two humans in this list. He has no magical powers or special abilities, but the blackness of his perturbed soul and his great machiavellic intelligence are enough to terrify the souls of millions.

In the movie, he works as a Justice Minister and dictates the fate of every inhabitant of Paris. Claude is a racist; he hates the gypsies and wants to annihilate them. Unluckily, he has the power to do it.

6 - The Evil Queen - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney's first animated movie, so all the villains who came after The Evil Queen, the antagonist of this movie, had the difficult task of reaching the levels of wickedness and intelligence of this maleficent character.

She, just like Claude, is a simple human, but unlike the Minister of Justice, she mastered the ancient arts of black magic.

She may be the prettiest woman in the list, but sadly, that beautiful facade covers an ugly and wicked soul full of envy and vanity. She is willing to kill in order to be the fairest woman of all. This proves how despicable she is.

5 - Randall Boggs - Monsters Inc.

Randall Boggs is a monster. Literally.

Randall lives in a world full of horrible creatures. They visit our planet to scare our little children. He is evil and perverse and enjoys to frighten the helpless infants.

Nobody would want to wake in the middle of the night only to find this evil and horrible creature at the feet of their beds. Not me, anyway.

4 - Scar - The Lion King.

Scar is a horrible and terrifying lion who committed the most heinous of all the sins in order to become a king: he murdered his own brother.

He was the first Disney character to kill on screen. This act shows how perverse and wicked this creature is. He was also willing to murder his little nephew in order to protect his ill-gotten crown.

3 - Ursula - The Little Mermaid

We are entering into the realm of not only perverse villains, but of incredibly malign beings with the power to conquer the entire planet.

Ursula is in this spot for her great magical powers and her unmatched and blind ambition. She was smart and cunning enough to manipulate the King of Sea, Triton. She managed to steal his trident, and because of that, she absorbed his magnificent and godly powers. She ruled over the seas.

2 - Jafar - Aladdin

Jafar is in here, in this distinguished position, because he had the power to control the universe.

Sadly for him, and luckily for the rest of mankind, he couldn't use his powers as he wanted, because he had to abide to certain rules that prevented him to use his powers for his own malefic and wicked intentions.

But before that, he was a maleficent and manipulative wizard who managed to become, according to the hero of the movie, Aladdin himself, the most powerful man on Earth.

1 - Hades - Hercules

Hades is the God of Death, the ruler of the underground, the king of Hell. He managed to overthrow the powerful Greek Gods from their home, the magnificent Olympus, and he stood high as the ruler of the planet.

Hades is immortal, so its impossible to get rid of his wickedness and perversity. He will remain forever in the shadows, plotting, waiting for the opportunity to conquer the world once again.

Sadly for us, Hercules is not here anymore to save us when that dreadful and damned day arrives.

May God have mercy of our souls . . .

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