ByBrad Dee, writer at

Last week, time ran out for both the Marvel and the Ultimate universe. The end was here and we only had 8 hours to prepare for the destruction that was coming. How would we spend those 8 hours? Will we spend it with our loved ones and say things that we always wanted to say? Will we finally seek out someone that wronged us and make things right? Or, will we try and show the world that we aren't the monster that everyone made us out to be for years?For Magneto, he chose this final concept for his ego shows that only he can save us from the destruction that is coming.

There are many things to like about this issue of Magneto. The idea that he finally gets a chance to talk to his daughter Polaris to show that he is no longer the man that he used to be is incredible and is something that is years in the making. But, the conversation seems forced due to the destruction that is happening at the same time. The ego of Magnus is always present as we again see him discussing why only he can save us, even though by doing this he will be sacrificing himself. Watching as the world witnesses his sacrifice is amazing also, as we get to see some scared people actually cheering him on. But again, even that seems forced with dialogue that nobody would ever expect a person on the streets to be saying regarding a man that has tried to take over the world on numerous occasions. One drawback of the issue is the flashbacks in the comic regarding Namor and Magneto. While it does serve a purpose and shows a little about the mindframe of the lead character, it also takes away from the main story and doesn't fully fit in. The true tragedy is that we know how all of this will end. Magneto will fail. That's a given. But that's also not what this stor is about. It's about his attempt to atone for his sins and make the ultimate sacrifice to save both human and mutant. As a whole it's a good issue and I give it a 7 out of 10.


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