ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence as a whole is a comic series that tries so hard to hit things in ever issue. But, in this comic series, the plan and the final product differ again. It's happened before where the second issue was just rushed and dull compared to what the first issue offered. But, in this comic the first issue wasn't that good either. What truly hurts this comic is the idea that they could have done so much more with it if they wanted. To see Azbats and Bruce Wayne interacting again could have been so much more. Their idiologies are so different and their methods of fighting are not even close to the same. Azbats is also known for being more brutal then Bruce. To make a comic where they both have to combat a foe to save a city had so much potential. Instead, it got lost in a story about the Shark and Wetworks.

Now, this comic is not a bad comic. No, not at all cause it does have alot going for it that they tried to do. But, the comic is weighed down greatly by art that doesn't always flow. It seemed rushed. Also, many people chose to see this comic for the return of Azbats, but, he is missing greatly in a majority of this issue and really didn't serve a purpose until the very end of the comic. The writing also seemed very forced at times with lines that didn't seem to work. It was also strange how Batman knew the names of all the characters of Wetworks, yet based on the concept of this series, he never should have even heard of them before they appeared this issue. Another problem with this issue is a problem that has plagued this whole series is that people who don't know much about these characters are in a loss because they aren't really told much about their pasts in the issues. But, that's not Larry Hama's fault, as he only had 2 issues to tell a complete storyline that is also a tie-in to a comic event. As a whole, the comic is better then some tie-ins but also not as good as many others. I give this issue a 5 out of 10. I expected so much more out of this specific tie-in that it ended up being very disappointing.


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