ByBrad Dee, writer at

Since last September, we have been trapped in the Death of Wolverine. After a 4 issue limited series, a number of one-shots, a 5 issue comic series, more one-shots and then a weekly comic, we are finally nearing the end of one of the worst storylines in Marvel history. Sure, they had a plan. But, due to some bad writing, horrible art in certain books, pacing that made no sense and continuity issues it just fell apart. Not all of the issues did though. In this jumbled mess there was quite alot to look at and be entertained about. This issue though was not one of them.

Raw Fawkes and Jonathan Marks put out another action issue in a comic series that ran through so many storylines in a 18 issue span that nobody knows yet what the whole purpose ever was. Now, we are finally at the end of the line and everybody is getting together. Mr. Sinister has successfully made Wolverine clones that die really easily(really, really easily). Mystique has been discovered as being a manipulator to get what she wants(gee, there's a shock). The entire cast of characters are back together after some decided to turn traitor and join Sinister in issue number 6 of this series. Plus, there was still the issues with the doomsday clock that all the Weapons have. Well, in this jumbled action issue, some of those problems come into effect. We get an all out action issue between the Weapons, the traitors, more Wolverine clones and Mystique. But, due to the art it is almost impossible to tell what is even happening half of the time. Instead, we just have dialogue like "You killed them all" and "Sabretooth has gone crazy" to tell us what happened. The cover never happens in the issue as neither Sinister or Daken ever appear in this issue(and if they do, you can't even tell due to the art). This issue, like so many others that happened in this series shows us the perils of having a weekly comic event. I am glad there is only 2 weeks to go, since I still don't know what the purpose of this mess ever was. I give this issue a 3 out of 10.


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