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Well I run an enthusiast level rig but this game looks stunning on high, the amount of detail is awe inspiring. In short everything looks crisp as can be. Not to mention at a steady 144 fps on my rig. Occasionally it dips into the 90s but only if I sit there purposefully pushing it. The articles were not lying when they said this game was well optimized. The game looks like the definitive edition for GTA, with most of the new textures and meshes being unique to PC, which is part of the reason it took so long to come out on PC. This is also part of the reason for the game being a whopping 65 gbs, not to mention all the updates coming from consoles. If there is one complaint it’s the frequent crashes because the game just sucks down on your VRAM, which is expected but for no reason even when idle, it crashes. The settings and menus are deep with tons of graphical settings so if your game is crashing try turning some things down as it may help you out there. Especially the resolution, as I tried downsampling and just crashed my game.

Now as this is a port of GTA we should all expect some things, the Keyboard controls while they work are absolutely horrid. This game must be played with a controller to be truly enjoyed in my opinion unless you’re playing in first person then Keyboard and mouse is fine. The game is packed with unique things to do explore and kill. I have played a lot of the online and it is a blast with friends or random people online. Heist are good fun but suffer from the occasional perpetual loading screen of doom and players have reported heist just will not work. I haven’t had either problem but my friends have had this problem while playing. Another issue is the copious amount of hackers stealing player items or ruining the economy by giving out free items. I would assume patches will fix it but right now that is a problem affecting the online community.

In closing this game is really the definitive edition of GTA, it isn’t perfect with game crashing bugs and poor keyboard controls but the good out way the bad. While I will admit that buying GTA again was a little stupid if you haven’t picked it up or are a PC enthusiast wanting something to push your rig, buy this game its tons of fun. If you haven’t bought it on console pick it up right now at full price or if you have wait for it to go on sale maybe go to a third party vendor.


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