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Every time I check Moviepilot, Twitter, or Facebook, I always see loads of new information regarding Captain America: Civil War, which is set to hit theaters next year. One minute it's news of Asa Butterfield in final talks to play Spidey , and the next it's loads of set photos of Crossbones and Cap. Every time I see another one of those new posts, I get more and more excited.

That is the problem.

As much as I loved Avengers: Age of Ultron when it came out, it dissapointed a whole lot of fans for one major reason. Too much hype, it's as simple as that. More news came out about Scarlet Witch, Vision, and the Hulkbuster fight, and fans' expectations grew and grew.

The hype grew so large that when it came out, there was no way that the film could live up to everyone's expectations. The reason that the first Avengers was so successful was that nobody knew what to expect. It was an unbelievable surprise, and people were looking forward to the sequel before it was even announced. That was ultimately Age of Ultron's downfall.

We have the chance to fix this. Captain America: Civil War is basically looking to be another Avengers-like movie, with a massive cast and and an incredible plot. I know that a lot of Marvel fans are getting really excited, but you don't have to.

I am introducing a proposition here. I am taking a solemn vow to not read any news on Civil War until I see the movie. I don't want to know if Martin Freeman is going to be in the movie, I don't want to know if there is going to be a funeral scene. All I want to know is the release date. That way, I'll get to be surprised by all of the casting decisions, the plot twists, and anything else the directors want to throw at me.

Now I know many of you may disagree, but give me a moment to explain.

If we all stop reading all of the news, then our hype can't shoot up like it did with Age of Ultron. We'll get to see what Marvel movies are like without knowing every detail ahead of time. Imagine not knowing about the Hulkbuster fight in AoU before going to see the movie. Imagine not knowing about Vision. You would enter the theater with no expectations, and your mind would simply be blown.

That's what I'm shooting for with Civil War.

If enough people choose to do this, the hype won't be a problem anymore. It's going to be tough for me as a MP Creator to not click on any of these links, but you know what? Perhaps I'll be rewarded in the long run.

Now, from a Creator point of view, this suggestion might seem foolish. After all, refraining from the news might limit our ability to write about the subject. But think about it, Moviepilot isn't supposed to be a news site. It's meant to be a community where we could write about our favorite movies creatively.

You could still write about Civil War without reading any news. You could write about your expectations for the film. You could give a Top 5 for which characters should appear in the film. You could write about how Age of Ultron is going to impact the events of Civil War. You could even write about why you should be on Cap's team or Tony's team. Just be creative.

Of course, you don't have to join me in my quest for a non-hyped movie experience. This is only a suggestion. If you want to join me, than may the force be with you. Besides, we only have 12 short months to wait.

Be sure to check out Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016.


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