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Marty Robinson

What could go wrong with Captain America and Civil War? Well, it could be made. There are so many things wrong with this plot line, where do I start?

From the beginning, when I first saw this comic on the stand and found out what it was about, I thought this story line sucked. It had atrocious, terrible characterization. (Spoiler Alert, if you read any further). When the government decides to register the true identities of super types, Captain America comes out against it and Tony is for it? Really? That makes absolutely no sense. The U.S. Government created Captain America, they already know his true identity, Cap is the Ultimate Semper Fi Soldier, why would he turn on the Government over this?!! Did he oppose the draft too? No, exactly the opposite, it makes no sense for someone who supported compulsory service in war to oppose a registration act.

Don’t get me started on Tony, the “bad boy”, the Rebel, he has already thumbed his nose at Congress (in the Film) and had every reason to keep his private life secret to protect his company and those around him (in the comics). I’m sure that if you took an audience, explained the plot to them, and asked on who’s side each person would be, the LAST person that they would guess to be anti-government would be Captain America.

How do the mutants stay neutral? There’s no Neutral, either you register or you don’t and you know how the mutants responded to the Mutant Registration Act. They could fix this in the movie but this is just one of the many things that need to be fixed. There has to be better plots to work with out there.

Captain America Dies, that was unpopular then and will be even more so in the movie. In the comics they had to bring him back in some stupid way. How are they going to fix this in a movie setting? How many fans will be spitting mad if they kill him? How much madder will they be if they bring him back in some stupid way?

Another question is WHY? We like to think of these hero types as a little above average, good, level headed, heroic, why would they go all egg-roll over this? You’d think that someone would say that it is not worth killing or imprisoning half the super hero population over something like this. In my mind, Tony would say, that they had his identity, but if they wanted the others, the government would just have to go and ask them nicely because he wasn’t going to fight his friends and team mates over it. Likewise CA would just tell people to stay under ground but, if they did have to register, just retire or accept the dangers that every celebrity and public official take on every day. There’s just not enough here to go to war over, not for reasonable people anyways, which we like to think of our hero’s as.

Which leads to my next point, why?? Why would they think that movie audiences would like this? I know that there is a little room for some of this, for some conflict, but people generally do not like to see their favorite people go at each other’s throats. Did anyone who ever saw their mom and dad start to go at it, get popcorn and say “Oh good, this is going to be a good one!!”? No, it was a freaking horror and seeing two of their favorite hero’s go at it will rub people the wrong way. (I know, a lot of us enjoy a boxing match with 2 respected fighters but this is not a sporting event, this is supposed to be war, complete with casualties.)

Audiences are expecting more character depth, relationships, bonding and a good fight against a good enemy. Later, the relationships can be tested and stressed. What drew people to Star Trek? It was the great bonding and friendships as well as the little differences and fights that they had. This is putting the cart before the horse, breaking things before they have time to settle in as the Avengers, formed just a short while ago.

Frankly, if I want to see a team destroy itself with infighting and bickering I can go to work (or Hollywood). That’s reality, I don’t need to pay to see that. Finally, the thing that I would like to ask the execs who thought that this would be the best of all possible stories to do next is,....... what are you smoking?


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