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There’s a scene in The Rocketeer that’s difficult to forget. During an air show, one pilot’s airplane starts to malfunction. This is Cliff’s chance to make something of himself. The film’s main character, Cliff, straps a rocket pack to his back and takes to the air. In almost every movie under the sun, there’s a protagonist who finally gets a chance to be heroic. They get a chance to show the world, what they’ve been feeling inside since they were born, that they are made for something more. Something more than the world, and even them are used to.

I believe some of us feel this way. We feel like this box we’ve been living in our whole lives will someday open and everything will make sense. Opportunities are what make the box open. For most of us, we feel like opportunties never present themselves, like we just live in a haze our whole lives while people we know are accomplishing great things. Or I think the majority of the time, we go through seasons, where one moment we’re on top of the highest peak, and then suddenly we’re in a dark valley below, wondering how the mountain became so steep.

Cliff’s life was wonderful. He had the girl, the friends, the mentor, the gift, and even the airplane. And suddenly, after a series of unfortunate situations, he lost the airplane, lost the girl, and lost an opportunity to race in the air show. He was in a dark place, where every time he turned around, his foot would step on one more thing.

But the day came, where Cliff’s box finally opened, and he saw the sky. A discovery of a jetpack, that could take a man into the air.

As Cliff was attempting a rescue for the pilot, simultaneously, he was still getting use to the ungodly contraption strapped to his back. Again, this can illustrate points in our life. Sometimes, for reasons unknown at the time, we’re supposed to get prepared for events while they’re happening. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could learn how to climb out of our box before we’re supposed to leave it? I mean, what if figuring out how to climb out of the box takes too long? Then by the time we figure it out, the box is closed again! The bitter sweet thing about life is, even though occasionally we have to learn to climb out of the box while it’s opening, it’ll stay open for us as long as we need it to, we just can’t stop climbing.

Cliff kept climbing, and at points it was difficult. From smashing into the bottom of the malfunctioning plane, to falling off the wing a couple of times, he kept coming back, and it was his consistency that not only helped him learn to fly, but helped him save the pilot.


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