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The short YouTube film called stealing time is a smart little sci-fi comedy that will brighten your day. The super unique way it was made is brilliant Finite films takes user constraints and ideas then makes a film out of it. I like to watch the videos and discover the constraints later as it makes a nice surprise. Here is a link to the first video. Here is a copy of the synopsis

When a down-on-his-luck inventor builds a time machine to change the past, he unwittingly sets off a disastrous chain of events.

If that doesn't sound intriguing to you , you need to get out of sci-fi section right now i'm revoking your nerd card.

Next we have their Noir entry called Imperfect. A Dark and gritty short film that reminds me of Sin City with a twist of sci-fi. For how short these YouTube videos are the acting, and effects are incredible. Here is a copy of the synopsis

"When a fashion model is found murdered on his set, photographer Brendan Holloway begins to suspect that his new muse isn't to be trusted."

Imperfect is a great commentary on modern Photoshop culture and Hollywood's desire for perfection. I can really see how a sci-fi fan would like it and also how someone into photography or modeling would relate as well.

They also have a catalog of lots more videos on YouTube spanning several other genres so don't limit yourself to just the two I uploaded here. Go ahead and explore the others i'm sure you will find another amazing video.

Now it is time to hear your opinion comment below or click an entry in the poll.


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