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Now, we already know that Cisco will turn into Vibe, hopefully in Season 2, but I just came to realize something else. When Vibe does come, he might not be the Meta-Human he was in the comics. And how did I come to realize this, you ask?

Well, let's look at the facts, shall we?

Cisco has not been exposed to the particle accelerator

Cisco, Dr. Wells, and Caitlin were fortunate enough to get to somewhere safe from the explosion. Whereas Barry and some other of the now Meta-Humans were not fortunate like those 3.

So, it's a safe bet Cisco won't be getting super powers. So sad.

Cisco is very tech savvy

Guilty is charged.
Guilty is charged.

I mean, face it. He's a genius. I'm not saying Bruce Wayne smart. But smart enough to help make an awesome superhero outfit that keeps Barry from vibrating out of it, and the ability to build the Black Canary a special device to enable her "Canary Cry". He even came up with the name "Canary Cry" for her.

With one little downside: he created the device that gave the Pied Piper the upper hand. And there's my other hint:

He built the Pied Piper's gauntlet

Take a look. I think that should be the most dead giveaway, I think there's no use reviving it. And by the way, that was a dead joke. Sorry to kill the mood. Ok, I'll stop now.

It's very possible that Cisco might have been working on repairing it in secret. Because what's a good DC character without them having some secret projects?

And it's very possible those glasses that we saw Cisco wear in the Paleyfest 2015 promo for The Flash have some kind of special function. But we won't know until Season 2.

Don't forget to watch the season finale of The Flash this Tuesday at 9 pm EST! Until then......

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