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Now there is not a lot of love out there for this movie right now. Don't misinterpret that statement, people really enjoyed this movie. I loved this movie. I really did. Sure, Marvel has produced better movies, but that doesn't make this one bad. Not at all. But it isn't doing as hot as it's predecessor.

Avengers: Age of Ultron received a score of 74% from Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 66 from Metacritic. Which isn't all that awful, until you compare it to the original which received a 92% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 69 from Metacritic. But a 74% is still better than some other movies (American Sniper, Interstellar, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies). So it was not a bad movie. I am not saying that at all.

If you disagree and hated the movie, please save all upstarts for the comments section and please enjoy the rest of my article.

*One final note: thar be spoilers ahead.*

There's a lot to say was wrong with this movie

People are throwing around a lot of aspects of this movie that they thought were wrong, bad, or could've been done better. Everything from the villain ,Ultron himself, to the soundtrack has been tarnished and dragged through the mud after this movie.

Granted, both of those could've been done a little better, but one bad song or bad portrayal does not a bad movie make.

I only just watched this movie for the first time last night and I let myself spend all day thinking it over. Figuring out what bothered me the most about this movie. And it was kind of hard to come up with something. At first.

For me, the worst was Quicksilver's death

I'm not even upset that he's dead because they just introduced him and he had so much more potential. I'm--

Okay, that was a lie, but that's not what I'm most upset about.

I'm most upset about the fact that leading up to this movie we were told that an Avenger was going to die. An Avenger, not some kid who just joined the team. I was expecting to have to say goodbye to one of the original avengers. I was not expecting to lose Quicksilver.

Okay, you're right, he is an Avenger. He was fighting alongside them and helping them on numerous occasions. But I don't see the point in killing off a character that was just introduced.

You know what, I can't seem to get my point across fully like this . . . Let's try a different approach . . .

If I were in charge, here's what I would do

I only want to change a few things at the very end. If you couldn't tell the first thing I'd like to change, it's the person who dies. But that's going to set off a catalyst of events following it that need to be changed, which I will address. But back to the death.

Quicksilver's death did do a great job. It showed that Ultron meant business, it showed he was willing to kill his friends and enemies alike, and it showed that the Avengers weren't invincible. It plucked away our little heartstrings like they were nothing more than mosquitoes floating in the air.

But there's one death that I think would be more powerful, have more meaning, truly show that the Avengers are the exact opposite of invincible, make Ultron a more formidable foe and would fit into the MCU very nicely.

Kill Thor

Yes, I'm serious. Kill Thor. It's very simple and will solve a lot of problems.

Okay, no, that won't solve problems. Not for the Avengers. But Ultron will have one less problem and the MCU will have a better, stronger movie slate ahead of them.

Now, I know what you're thinking, Thor has to be in Thor: Ragnarok, he can't die.

That is where you are wrong my friends. Ragnarok is Thor's clone. Meaning Chris Hemsworth is still in the MCU, his contract isn't void, and we'll get to see something really interesting happening here.

What's interesting? Well, that means Ultron killed a god. A GOD. I'll give you a minute to wrap your brain around that one.


Yeah. Ultron is that good. Or at least he's supposed to be. In the comics, he takes over the world. He kills several heroes. He kills millions of innocents. He has no issues with killing other villains. He is one of the Avengers' most formidable foes. Yet, the only person we see him effectively killing is Quicksilver (and a few soldiers, who aren't civilians and we have no emotional attachments to whatsoever).

Killing off Thor shows that Ultron is the most devastating and dangerous foe they've faced to date.

If you're wondering about how to stop the floating city in Sokovia seeing as it was Thor who accomplished that, the answer was already set up in the movie.

Forget about him? I didn't.

He can lift Mjolnir, meaning he can wield all of Thor's powers. A dead Thor will not mean the end of the movie because we still have the Vision. And seeing how Quicksilver will not die in this timeline, Scarlet Witch would not need to be saved by the Vision (though I think they should keep that in because it showed what might be between the two of them)

Tony can use the Vision to save the world which will show that science isn't always a bad thing. Opening up the door for another one of Tony's crazy inventions that doesn't work out too well.

I'm talking about Ragnarok. The clone. Thor's clone. The one we'll see in the next Thor movie.

Chris Hemsworth isn't going to be in Captain America: Civil War meaning that Tony has plenty of time to build and develop Ragnarok as opposed to sending the Vision to Asgard to protect all the nine realms. That can be figured out in post credits scenes or somewhere else along the lines. However they do it, when the Vision proves an android is trustworthy, one can only assume that a clone is right around the corner.

Oh, and in the comics, Ragnarok is created thinking that Thor is dead. Which he would be in this timeline. It just works out real nice, doesn't it?

So with Ragnarok on the scene wielding Mjolnir, we've no need of Thor. When Thor: Ragnarok comes out, we can see Ragnarok coping with the fact that he's a clone, that he isn't Thor and that he never will be. We'll see him in a light similar to how we've seen Loki. Struggling in the shadow of the almighty Thor. Hoping to prove his worth.

Throughout the movie, we'll watch him descend into his inevitable darkness and villainy. It'll be the story of a villain not a hero, making it something new. Something we've yet to see in the MCU.

Who's to say that by 2017 we are going to want to watch the same movie again? The same movie where a new villain arrives on the scene with an awfully sad back story. The villain is pissed at the hero for whatever reason and decides to start a war with an army of some sort on their side. They fail because our heroes are heroic.

Instead, from this angle, we will see someone we know should be a hero fall into darkness. And you wanna know why? Because he's aided by Odin. No, he's aided by Loki. Because Loki took over as Odin and is ruling over Asgard. Remember?

We won't watch the arc of a hero learning how to be a hero. We'll watch the arc of a damaged individual who we want to root for, slowly fall into the darkness that Loki forced him into.

We can watch Thor: Ragnarok ending with Ragnarok defeating some big enemy that Loki put in front of him. Maybe a frost giant. Maybe something else. But it gives Ragnarok the boost of confidence he needs to decide to remain in Asgard and fight, not as the hero Thor, but as the person Ragnarok. Unfortunately, he has fallen to the darkness and there is no return from here.

As the movie comes to a close, we could have another Thanos post credits scene where the Mad Titan retrieves another infinity stone, the Tesseract perhaps, since Ragnarok knows not to protect it. I'd also like to see Loki try and negotiate with Thanos as Odin. Thanos sees through the mischief and takes the Tesseract anyway leaving Loki to give a quick quip about how he needs a drink or something like that.

And that will lead us straight into Avengers: Infinity War Parts I and II.

To sum up

Quicksilver should not have died. Killing Thor would've made us all terribly sad, but would've made for a much better story. Ultron would be a better villain. The Vision would have a better part. We'd get to see more bantering with Hawkeye and Quicksilver. And the MCU would be set up way better with enough changes on the horizon to not put us to sleep.

What do you guys think? Do you like my new idea for Avengers? Or do you like what we got better?


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