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Team Arrow has a long history of going above and beyond on social media to raise awareness for various causes. Stephen Amell has done multiple shirt campaigns on represent. Paul Blackthorne just wrapped his shirt campaign for the elephants, and now following suit in true Arrow fashion is Katie Cassidy. Yes the Black Canary is raising awareness for Red Nose Day. To those of you who have no idea what Red Nose Day is, it's one day when stars from all different areas get together to raise money for children in poverty. It has been a huge success in the UK and now the U.S. Is bringing over the pond to our homes. Red Nose Day is May 21st but you can help sooner by ordering one of these sweet shirts by Katie Cassidy.

Katie's campaign is slightly different than her Arrow mates, yes all great causes, but two things are different here the first is Red Nose Day is new and fairly unknown to us in the States. It may be a huge success or a giant flop, we don't know. What we do know is we can all help . The second reason her campaign is different is because on the Internet whenever Stephen Amell or Paul Blackthorne posted about their current campaigns many followers and commenters were begging for a female cast member to do a campaign. Well you got your wish here she is making a difference and asking for your help. How do you help? Go here and don't buy two meals from a fast joint this week and order a shirt. Also as a bonus you get a if you tweet her a pic of you in the sweet shirt she'll retweet it. What's a better way to get your Twitter game on point than Katie Cassidy retweeting your photo?

Katie Cassidy's T Shirt for Red Nose Day
Katie Cassidy's T Shirt for Red Nose Day

Whether we are on TV or living paycheck to paycheck let's remember there is always someone in more need than us sometimes they're close sometime they're countries away, regardless we need to remember it's those us who are fortunate to blog and browse the internet who make the difference and thanks to all those like Katie, Paul and Stephen who remind us that we don't need celebrity status to help those who need it.


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