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1. His real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.

2. He changed his name to Vin Diesel while working as a bouncer at a nightclub called Tunnel in New York City.

3. He also bounced at a bar called Mars where a lesser-known Moby used to spin.

4. When he was 3 he tried to join in on the show during a Barnum & Bailey's circus performance before his mom rescued him.

4. He once worked as a telemarketer selling lightbulbs and, later, mechanics tools.

5. He has a twin brother named Paul Vincent.

6. This is what his twin brother looks like:

5. He's a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan.

6. So much so that he wrote the forward to the book Thirty Years of Adventure: A celebration of Dungeons and Dragons.

7. And taught Judi Dench how to play.

8. His cousin is the rapper Kwame.

9. He majored in English at Hunter College.

10. But dropped out after his third year to pursue acting.

11. When he was 7 he broke into a theater to vandalize it but was stopped by a woman who gave him and his friends a script and $20. She let them go on the condition that he would join the after school theater program.

12. As a teen he performed in instructional videos for breakdancing.

13. He auditioned for the lead role of a cross-dresser in the movie Flawless but didn't get the part because he was too masculine. It went to Philip Seymour Hoffman instead.

14. He also was originally offered the role of Daredevil in Daredevil, but that went to Ben Affleck.


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