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There are a lot of incredibly successful YouTube channels that everyone seems to know. There's Pewdiepie, Smosh, Jenna Marbles, The Fine Bros., Epic Rap Battles of History, and so many more. One channel that often gets lost in the mix however, is the hilarious band of buddies known as The Warp Zone.

The three most popular types of videos on YouTube are gaming, music, and comedy. Usually, when you started to watch a channel, you could easily tell which direction the channel was shooting for. Pewdiepie was a gamer, Smosh, Jenna Marbles, and The Fine Bros. went for comedy, and of course, Epic Rap Battles went for music.

With that being said, watch this video and try to tell me which category it falls under:

Gaming? Check. Music? Check. Comedy? Check.

The Warp Zone doesn't just stay with one category, it explores all of them in a way to appeal to us geeks more than many other channels. They don't just do these parody music videos (although they have done quite a few of them). They do acapella theme songs for their favorite shows and games, they do comedy skits, usually revolving around shows and games, and other nerdy content.

They cover many different topics, from Star Wars, to The Hobbit, to Marvel, and frequently Game of Thrones. These guys cover all bases, and cover them well I might add.

The Warp Zone was formed by five college friends, Davis, Schroeder, Ryan, Fish, and Odom. Together they have used their love of music and all things nerdy to create several series on their YouTube channel. They have only just passed 1 million subscribers, and while that may be a huge accomplishment (congrats by the way guys), they still aren't that popular of a name.

When I'm talking with some of my other friends who love YouTube, we can have long conversations about Markiplier's latest video, or how Jacksepticeye is really shooting up in popularity, but whenever I bring up The Warp Zone's latest gag, they just look at me as if I was reciting ancient medieval literature.

While I am starting to make progress on my friends, I realized that many others may not have been exposed to The Warp Zone. Even though one of their recent videos, the Groot vs Hodor rap battle, gained them quite a following (along with a shout-out from James Gunn). You can check out that hilarious video here: (Warning, Mature Language and Content)

They have also collaborated with other YouTubers in many of their videos, most notably Smosh and the Smosh Games crew. They have also worked with Dodger from PressHeartToContinue and Katie Wilson.

These guys are genuinely hilarious, and if you love gaming, music, or basically anything nerdy, make sure to check out their YouTube channel and subscribe if you enjoy their content. Be warned though, they occasionally use mature language and allude to mature content, but if you can handle that, enjoy!

Check Them Out Here!:

Here are some of their greatest hits:

Unfortunately, I can't post all of their videos here, but if you like these 5, be sure to check out their channel!


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