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Since the invention of photography, human beings have been searching for tangible evidence of paranormal events. Evidence that have remained in the shadows, away from scientific validation.

This frantic search of the unknown has translated into cinema in a fascinating way.

The need of bringing a feeling of realism and closeness to horror movies gave birth to Found-Footage.

Found-Footage films show us, first hand, the horrific experiences of the protagonists. These movies put us in the middle of the action, in the middle of the nightmare.

We have been blessed for the amazing quantity of great Found-Footage movies that we have received trough the years. But there are seven films, seven gems, seven masterpieces, that are simply the best.

These films will scare you and disturb you.

I hope you enjoy!

7 - Lake Mungo

There are a multitude of good films that deserve to be in this spot. The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Last Exorcism, Noroi, Paranormal Activity, The Den.

In the end, I decided to pick the scariest one.

Lake Mungo infests us with creepy and sinister images that will crave for our attention. If we are willing to share it, then we will be rewarded with one of the most grueling and morbid experiences in the horror genre.

6 - The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is the most influential movie in this list. The film that reinvented the genre and the one who shocked the world.

After so many years, only a few films, of the multitude that have tried, have reached its levels of tension, mystery, realism and horror.

This movie created a fantastic and enigmatic mythology that captivated our minds. This kind of experience will never be repeated again.

5 - Rec

Rec is considered to be, by a great amount of fans, the best found-footage horror movie ever. It tops innumerable lists and it is the number one in the heart of millions.

Rec mixed two of the most popular horror sub-genres: zombies and found-footage. The concept was translated masterfully to the screen, bringing us great amounts of tension, horror and even action.

4 - The Poughkeepsie Tapes

If this top were about the most perturbed and morbid found-footage films ever, well, hands-down, this movie deserves the wicked and bloody crown.

The antagonist of this movie is an unknown, pervert and cunning serial killer, that would make Hanniball Lecter seem a good Samaritan in comparison. His level of perversion and disdain for human life has no parallels. The horror that his victims experience is something worthy of the first circle of hell.

You will not sleep the same after watching this horrible film.

3 - Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters is not the scariest movie in this list. It is not the most technical, nor the most crafted. What Grave Encounters brings to the table is a great, fascinating, original, creepy and entertaining horror experience.

Grave Encounters is one of those uncommon films that started a trend, and just like The Blair Witch Project, many have tried to imitate it, and few have succeeded.

Grave Encounters have become a cult movie, with thousands of followers around the planet.

2 - V/H/S

V/H/S is different from all the other movies in this list. V/H/S is an anthology film and we will find in here 5 creepy and morbid stories.

The greatest virtue of this film is that every single segment is enjoyable and memorable. In a single word, a masterpiece. You can find in here everything that you need in order to satiate your hunger for horror: gore, tension, suspense and humor.

A film that every horror fanatic has to watch.

We are about to reach the first place, the most coveted position of them all.

Prepared to be surprised.

1 - Paranormal Activity 3

Welcome to the top. Welcome to the best Found-Footage movie ever.

Paranormal Activity was the movie that reinvented the genre. It was a blockbuster, thanks to its great quality and its dreadful sense of realism.

A year later, something incredible happened; the sequel was even better than the original, in all aspects. This is unusual, not only in horror, but in any other genre.

Now, what happened with the awaited third part? Did it reach the masterful feeling of dreadfulness of the last two films? Was it as good?

Well, Paranormal Activity 3 surpassed them. It broke the ceiling with fury, and brought us a magnificent film that will be hard to top.

Watching this movie in cinemas was an incredible experience. Seeing the people around you getting nervous and unsettled, watching the screen with full attention, waiting for an object to move, for a terrible thing to happen, only to be scared seconds later, was priceless.

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