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Brad Bird has quietly established himself as one of the best directors working today. He first made his mark in animation, as the director behind such modern classics as Iron Giant and Ratatouille. He also proved that he could handle large scale live-action adventure in [Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol](tag:34973). His upcoming film, Tomorrowland, is expected to blow the unsuspecting public away with its grand scale. After finishing his press tour for the film, Bird will get to work full-time on the sequel to The Incredibles, granting the wish of Pixar fans all over the world.

During a recent interview with IGN (via ScreenRant), Bird touched on how he will be handling The Incredibles 2 and what considerations that he's making while crafting the sequel.

"A lot of superhero films have been made since ‘Incredibles’ and it is kind of like an athletic field that’s just kind of dried up dirt now, with a few clumps of grass. And I think that the challenge is how do you step outside of that and say, ‘Hey, there’s another place for our heroes to go.’ So that’s kind of the challenge. People make a lot of following some of road map and Damon and I can tell you from making this film that you’re just bumping into furniture. Hopefully if you’re on the right path you don’t actually know where you’re going completely. I love those characters in ‘Incredibles’, but I’m also a moviegoer and I want to be surprised by movies. I want them to zig when they should be zagging. That’s the goal with that one.”

The first film was released in 2004, before the dawn of what is thought to be the golden age of comic book movies, however the climate has changed a lot since that point. Superhero movies now dominate box-office records and the pop culture consciousness, so taking the same approach as the original, could come across as trite. Also, technology and the overall spectacle of modern films has grown a lot since The Incredibles was released and the upcoming sequel will have to account for that as well.

His desire to subvert the expectations for what the sequel will be is palpable and it sounds like they have come up with a great take for the next installment. While the Cars franchise has sold merchandise like crazy, Pixar hopefully has learned the danger of making a sub-par sequel after producing Cars 2, which is largely seen as the weakest movie in their library. However, Bird has not made an animated sequel before, so he clearly has an approach to the story that is compelling him to come back to the franchise. This looks to be lining up to be something special.

How exciting is it that The Incredibles 2 is actually happening? What would you like to see in the sequel? Let us know below!

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