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It was going to happen sooner or later in today's world where really nothing is hidden. We have been getting a lot of set pictures from both Captain America Civil War and Suicide Squad which are two of the most anticipated films of 2016. The one character we haven't seen much of any behind the scenes was The Joker, that is until now! It turns out not even the Clown Prince of Crime can't escape the set photos as he was spotted on set with none other than Harley!

We get a better look at Harleen before she becomes Harley so no pigtails, pale skin, or psychopathic look. Its clear this might be during her years as a doctor at Arkham and possibly her releasing The Joker from there. The pictures come courtesy of Marianne Dimain. In the new set photos we see The Joker and Harley apparently when she was Dr. Quinzel having an altercation of sorts in the middle of the road holding up a trucker take a look below courtesy of epaqman83

As you can see The Joker doesn't seem to be pleased with Harley over something as he circles her in the middle of the streets. Then things get pretty dark when someone tries to see what the hold up is and its possibly the trucker behind them. The Joker tries to talk it out but it doesn' work so things go bad and well just take a look below as Harley shoots the person!

Whats even more fascinating to me is that really nice car that pretty much suits The Joker. If you cant make out the car here's a clearer picture below. As you can see this isn't just any normal car i believe this Joker will be more theatrical than anything we have seen before on the big screen.

I can't help but to imagine how crucial this scene could be as it might be the turning point for Dr. Quinzell and her descent into madness.

I'm really digging the way Jared looks as The Joker now and if you haven't noticed there are no tattoos to be seen. It might just be that the tattoo picture really just was a sort of tribute to the character as rumored. This however doesn't mean the tattoos are completely gone and it could also be that this is a flashback before he has the tattoos or he just covers them up with the makeup! I'm not totally sure yet i think we will have to keep waiting! If that picture doesn't scream The Joker to you i don't know what will. Its absolutely beautiful and stunning to see.

I love the fact that we will be seeing Harley's origin on the big screen as well! I bet you're thinking that these pictures are pretty awesome yet too blurry and to that i give you the following! This is a video that is more clear and up close than the previous and should give you a better understanding as to whats going on!

The scene begins with Dr. Quinzel standing in front of a sports car. She screams, "Get out of the car!" This is when the driver's side door opens up and The Joker comes out looking pretty spiffy. He walks up to Harley and begins to talk to her telling her who knows what but he looks real creepy.There fight is blocking traffic behind them and a trucker who is angry walks over to them with a tire iron. Joker turns to acknowledge him, a few words are spoken, and then Harley reaches for a gun she has and shoots the man! I do wonder however how many suits will he be sporting!? I mean we saw in the earlier picture him donning the iconic purples and in this video a silver look?

His license plate reads "HAHAHA" as well which clearly lets us know that this Joker will be riding in style. I'm pretty sure you want a better angle and a much more clearer image from that video. I would tell you to just wait for the movie but it just so happens to be your lucky day as those said photos do exist! Take a look below and let the wonderful images grace your eyes!

This is the icing on the cake for the night because we just got these super clear pictures of the duo. These images of course give you a clearer look at whats happening in the video above. That's right Harley pulls the gun on Mr. J himself and i can already imagine the mind games The Joker will be playing in this scene as we saw in the video. Then of course the next picture is him striking her as we saw in the video above.

This really illustrates the sick relationship these two are headed into if you're a fan of the animated series you should know. The next photo clearly shows Harley will not back down as well. I for one am very pleased with how The Joker looks in these pictures and am excited to see more from these two!

What do you think of these set photos and videos?! Comment below!

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