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We got a look a couple of hours ago at a very stylish pink car- I'm told it was a Lamborghini Aventador- which had both Margot Robbie and Jared Leto inside it, with many guessing that the pink car was Harley's, on the set of Suicide Squad.

Now, though, new set videos have emerged, with Jared Leto's Joker pacing and arguing with Harleen, before one of them - from what I can tell, Harley - produces a gun and shoots a bystander who walks over to them. Newer set photos have revealed Jared's Joker even closer, complete with a white shirt and purple suit, fluffy white cuffs and all. These videos come courtesy of epaqman on Twitter.

His hair's bright green, his skin bleached white - this is 100% The Joker I grew up with and know and love incarnate on the big screen. I'm trying to maintain some level of formality here but I really just want to drop to the ground and scream in excitement because I'm that happy. These photos are from, who I believe got them from Marianne Dimain.

Also note Margot Robbie - she definitely is out of costume as Harley, without the pigtails and colored hair, but with glasses and luscious locks and more than a little bit of cleavage. Many have speculated this scene is being shot pre-Harley Quinn when Quinzel is still a psychiatrist, potentially having just broken the Joker out of Arkham Asylum - where we know some of the movie will be set.

Now, to the tattoos - yes, they're missing. Some have speculated that this validates the rumor (which I believed) that the tattooed Joker was only for his 75th anniversary. Others suggest he doesn't have the tattoos yet because this is a flashback, and then several others are saying that he has them in this photo but they're covered by the thick white makeup and suit. It's hard to tell.

Remember, other previous 'leaks' - one from Leto's phone and another which came after- also show Jared's Joker in a white suit similar to The Dark Knight Returns, and these are yet to be revealed. I wouldn't expect too many of Mr. J's scenes to be shot outside, if rumors are true and he's imprisoned in Arkham for a good duration of the movie. But these photos are certainly enough to get me fully hyped for now.

Whatever the case, I can't wait to see more, and I hope we get something official. So come on, David Ayer, we're seeing this and loving it, now give us an official look at Harley and Joker together with Mr. J in this suit, yeah? We know their relationship will play in in a big way to the movie, enough that Tom Hardy - when explaining his exit from Suicide Squad and calling the script "alley" - that's British slang for awesome, fantastic, etc. - directly commented on the stuff it does with Joker and Harley's dynamic and its exploration of that relationship.

Update: We now have even clearer photos, with Joker hitting Harley - straight out of the comics, and before someone cries "misogyny!" I say, as someone who is a firm believer in equality, shut up, this guy is also a murderer and will laugh at babies dying, he really doesn't care who he hits. (I'm sorry for that jab, but as someone who, again, is a fierce advocate for equality the fact I've seen comments labeling this movie as 'misogynist trash' regarding a villain's actions crucial to this damaged relationship's story annoys me).

The next shot shows Harley pulling a gun on Mr. J- also a scenario which unfolded even in Batman: The Animated Series. (This is presumably also the gun that she shoots the truck driver with in the earlier video).

I can almost hear Jared growling "you wouldn't dare." Either way, to Jared Leto and David Ayer, you've made me one extremely happy Joker fan today.

Another update:

We now have two very clear set videos where you clearly hear Harleen speak and can see Jared's Joker mannerisms in action. It's pretty perfect.

I cannot wait for this take and to hear his voice clearly. Also of note is that this jacket is clearly silver, whereas in the other set photos it's clearly purple with frilly collars and sleeves - so Joker will wear multiple suits in the movie, obviously, but he seems to sport the face tattoos in neither. There's something on the back of his hand and something barely discernible on his stomach but certainly not as many as in the official release.

Update: Since the writing of this article we've had the release of some very clear photos that reveal the tattoos are there, but less prominent or obvious than the initial release, and as someone who didn't like them initially, I actually think they look pretty good!


Are you loving the purple suit?


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