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By Sonny Long

Through watching the new Avengers movie, it was hard not to think that the events in the movie would have lasting repercussions, even for a comic book movie. Characters had moments that will cause, yes, even for a superhero movie, character development. Life-changing, and even life-ending, events occurred that will cause a new rift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We're gonna talk about those.

For those of you who haven't watched the movie yet, this is your chance to back out. Be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD. But of course, save this page for after you've seen the movie and are ready to come back to it.

4. An Avenger Died

One of the constants up until this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was that we never had to really feel worried for our heroes. Loki was no threat for the lot of them together, and there was really no feeling of danger, even in the standalone films. It was all fun and games for our heroes. Death was never a looming threat in these movies unless you were one of the unfortunate henchmen that we never really see if they do indeed die or not.

Age of Ultron changed that. It proved that we should never let our guard down for fear that one of our heroes could kick the bucket, as one did. Quicksilver, one of the superpowered twins from the movie, rushed in front of an incoming Ultron to save his prior adversary, Hawkeye. In doing so, he managed to spit out one more one-liner before falling over to his death.

The reason this moment was so important is that we finally see one of our immortal heroes pass. We even felt the normal humans in the group, Hawkeye and Black Widow, were safe up until this point. This moment changed all of that. We finally see a superpowered hero die. Even if Quicksilver wasn't really a full-time Avenger by the end of the movie, he still fit into the criteria of "superhero" and "dead," the two adjectives that we never thought we'd have to put together for the Marvel world. At least not so soon.

R.I.P. Quicksilver. We never even got a chance to know you. At least in Age of Ultron. You were pretty cool in Days of Future Past, though.

3. It Was All The Avengers' Fault

No, not Quicksilver dying. That was only Hawkeye's fault. We're referring to the entire plot of the movie. Ultron was an invention of Tony Stark, MVP of the Avengers team. He is shown multiple times to be the smartest member of the Avengers, given the fact that he not only created his own superpower (as opposed to most of the others falling into their own by coincidence), he created Stark Tower, is an expert in apparently every science and current and future technologies, and is Robert Downey, Jr.

Aside from creating his own superpower, Stark created his greatest nemesis: Ultron. Ultron nearly destroys the entire planet by the end of Age of Ultron. Granted, Stark saves the day, but none of the pointless deaths and pointless destruction of (many?) cities would have occurred if not for Stark's potential "peacekeeping" program. Many times throughout the movie, the other Avengers remind Stark that he was messing with things that not even he, Robert Downey, Jr., could understand.

Not only are the Avengers responsible for the events in Age of Ultron, most of the plots of most of the Marvel movies can be directly attributed to the actions of the members of the Avengers: The villain in the first Iron Man was mad at Tony for stuff about how he was running the company, Loki nearly leveled New York City because he was mad at Thor for stuff about their dad picking favorites, and Hulk destroys millions of dollars of military equipment in Incredible Hulk because he's a Hulk.

Heck, the Avengers aren't the only good guys to blame. SHIELD is directly responsible for the events of Winter Soldier. Hydra, the kind-of Nazis, successfully integrated into what was supposed to be the most secure, most powerful independent organization in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For every hero that arises in the Marvel Universe, a villain of equal proportions also comes out to fight. There were never Infinity Gauntlets, aliens destroying our greatest cities, or gods fighting in the parks before the first Avenger arrived. Thanks, Captain America. Thanks for the awesome action scenes. I mean for the destruction of our cities and landmarks.

2.Massive Destruction

We've seen cities be leveled, probably killing hundreds of people off-screen, we've seen the Avengers destroy parks, and we've seen them blow up a lot of stuff, each in their standalone movies as well as when they group up to do even more damage. This time, however, we are treated to the Avengers fighting on a platform that can fly (well, we guess the Helicarrier beat them to that). It's the first time the climactic fight had the fate of the world hang in the balance.

If Ultron had won, we would all have died. Unlike in Age of Ultron, the first Avengers movie only had the fate of one city at stake. And who really cares about New York anyway (that's where it was, right?)? If the Avengers failed to stop the invading army via invisible bluetooth sets (seriously, how did they communicate?), a regiment of marines could have stepped in. But no, they chose to shoot a nuclear missile at the city. Sure, probably because it may have been their last chance to shoot a nuke at nonhuman enemies and that seemed cool at the time. We get it.

But you know what would have been a better time to launch said nuke? When the fate of the world was at stake! Seriously, why did no one consider launching nuclear missiles at the floating rock that was about to crash down to earth. Some government officials had to have known that was happening. No, seriously. How do you miss a meteor flying down at your planet?

Now that the stake of the movies have been upped from city-level destruction to potential planet-level mass destruction, the stakes can only go up from there. With the next Avengers movie promising even more destruction from a more destructive villain, where do we go from there?

1. The Marvel Universe is Expanding Out of Control

First, we had Iron Man. We were happy with him. He was cool, he was sexy, he was funny, he was Robert Downey, Jr. Keep in mind this was really only a few years ago. Then came Captain America (we hope this is the right order that they came out in). We kind of liked Captain America. He was cool, he was sexy. He was no Robert Downey, Jr., though. The heroes kept getting added on after that. We had Thor, we had Hulk (who, yes, had a previous movie with Edward Norton), and then we finally got to see them team up together. In the first movie we had them group up together in, we were introduced to two more superheroes, Black Widow and Hawkeye, that we hadn't even met yet.

After the first Avengers, we felt the calm after the individual superheroes returned to do their own standalone films. And then came one from left field: Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a surprise hit that stormed its way into expanding the Marvel Universe. Chris Pratt was the rejuvenation that the Marvel Universe needed. He was the new sexy and funny that we needed. Guardians of the Galaxy not only expanded what we knew on was going on on our own planet, it showed us that related events are happening all throughout the... well, galaxy. And that there's... guardians. Of the galaxy.

We were then treated to the second Avengers, the second team-up of our favorite heroes (if you're a Marvel fan). Again, we were introduced to two more superheroes that we had not yet met. The Marvel world was finally starting to grow uncontrollably for just movies. Luckily (or unluckily), Agents of SHIELD had been running on the air for... a year now? All to fill us in on what we apparently can't see in just two-to-three hour movies. The hero we had just met, Quicksilver kicked the bucket before we could even get to know him. However, his sister, Scarlet Witch, joined the team at the end of the movie. The roster was, and still is, growing.

This brings us to our final point. We know by now that the next Captain America movie will solve this problem by... possibly reducing the roster by at least one...

But we won't spoil anything else.

Thanks for reading and let us know what you think the biggest game-changing events from the newest Avengers movies were. If you liked this article, follow Sonny at his website here, where he talks about other stuff you’d be interested in.


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