ByAndrew Young, writer at

So since spiderman has been back at the MCU reports are flying about saying.his finally going to be young! Which is great! Now why is this great? Let me tell you...

1. He can become an older spidespiderman

What I mean by this is he can grow up in the MCU and not already be a 30 year old man which also means a they won't take to recast for years!

2. The actor can be tthemselves

When Andrew played spiderman while he look young we knew he wasn't and he knew it to he had to become a 16 year old boy in Modern times which is not easy for a older actor.

3.Physical appearance

Now reports are saying asa is playing spiderman which is good but what's even better is the fact he'll actually have a spiderman type body and bot have to work towards it.

4. Younger generations role model

Now when I grew up toby was spiderman and he was great but what would have been better is someone who wasn't that much older than me and I could actually feel connected to in a way and that's what this generation is going to get!


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