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Elena Gilbert is finally gone, but do you think allowing her to live another day allowed the beloved Vampire Diaries heroine to have a proper send off?

I'm torn on the subject, on one hand I would have like the finality of Elena dying as a mortal being after her tangled relationship with the supernatural, but on the other hand, I'm not ready to say goodbye to her just yet.

Below are my top five reasons why letting Elena live was a good decision, but if you don't agree with me, look out for my 'Reasons Elena Should Have Died' article later in the week.

5. The Fact Elena Is Still Living Gives Damon Something To Live For

While we are all excited about the prospect of seeing the bad old Damon in The Vampire Diaries again, nobody wants to see him as a severely depressed mope who has nothing to live for.

By preserving Elena, Damon has the hope of reuniting with his soul mate to drive him on through, but he will also have the emotional turmoil and inevitable challenges of attempting to remain faithful to deal with too.

This dynamic will help us to explore the nuances of the Delena relationship that fans love so dearly without one half of the partnership on screen and also let us peer into Damon's soul that little bit more.

4. Elena's Continued Existence Has Inadvertently Made Bonnie Into an Important Character Again

Bonnie is a character with tons of powerful, witchy potential who, in my opinion, has never been utilized to her full potential.

While Season 6 saw some important changes to her character and allowed us to see a harder side to Bonnie, her storylines overall were pretty weak and isolating.

Elena's survival has given writers a whole lot more to work with when it comes to Bonnie's character and seeing her deal with the guilt of being alive while her best friend is in cursed sleep will be an interesting ride.

3. The Finality of the Spell Means Elena's Exit Was Just as Poignant

Although a lot of fans think that Elena dying would be the perfect end to her time on Mystic Falls, the finality of the sleeping spell had pretty much the same effect on those who love Elena.

All of her mortal companions will probably never see their friend again (or, definitely in the case of Bonnie), and the vampires face an entire lifetime until she awakens.

Although Elena's end isn't final, it is still deeply moving and poignant.

2. We Might See Her Again

The sleeping spell that Elena has been put under means that she might make an appearance in the final curtain for The Vampire Diaries.

Executive producer, Caroline Dries, has told the press that they would love to bring Elena back for a special appearance, she told TV Line that:

"We knew we didn't want to kill Elena because we do want her to come back one day, maybe in the series finale. And we didn't want her to walk off into the sunset and get a job somewhere because that felt fake."

It seems like Nina Dobrev is also down with this deal. Julie Plec told The Hollywood Reporter that:

"I knew, fundamentally, killing Elena Gilbert would be the worst possible way to say goodbye to that character. I don't know if anybody — Nina Dobrev herself! — could have talked me into that. We had to tragically put an end to a character for the moment and make it seem final and permanent — which it is — [while] also leaving a door open with hope for the future. Which there is. That was what we set out to do, and I think we succeeded in doing that."

1. She Deserved It

No matter what you think of Elena Gilbert, you can't deny that she is a survivor and has fought tooth and nail to cling onto life no matter what adversities have been thrown her way.

After all of her past battles and losses, this gutsy heroine deserves to live another day. Seeing her die after achieving her dream of becoming human again would be too much to bear.

(Source: TV Line and The Hollywood Reporter)


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