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According to Joblo there has been much talk about the possible villain for Batman vs Superman being Doomsday but could he be the only one? It turns out that may not be the case as we might see the first ever Lex Luthor to go into action on the big screen. Heres my quick recap video on this and i tell you how Doomsday and Lex Luthor can both be central villains and it work out!

That's right. We might very well be getting the green and purple suited battle-ready Lex going up against Superman! Here's what Joblo had to say about this.

With the main conflict being between Bats and Supes initially, the true evil will of course reveal itself and many have wondered if we'll get a man of "talk" or a man of "action" in this new version of Luthor. Well, it appears we'll be getting both. According to a very trusted and reliable source, not only will Lex be the main villain, but he will also get in on the action...and will do so wearing his trademark green/purple WARSUIT! That's right, we will finally be seeing Lex don the armor he's worn for decades in the comics and various animated series/films. How will it look exactly? Our source says it will be very much like the many variations we've seen in the past and will obviously fit the style and look of the film (and DCCU films in general). Lex will don the suit for at least part of the film, but it's unclear if it's just in the finale

Check out my video below for more on the topic and my thoughts on how Doomsday and Lex Luthor can collaborate in this movie! Make sure you subscribe as well for more reactions, news, and reviews!

If that's the case then I'm pretty excited to see [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) even more! I mean, can you imagine Jesse Eisenberg in that suit just staring down Superman?! If Doomsday is in the mix as well, I'm sure he will need all the help he can get and I'll totally understand why the whole Justice League shows up! I think its about time we also got a Lex who just doesnt talk but also gets into it with the Man of Steel himself!

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