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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get cremated alive?

For many, this is as much a phobia as being afraid of clowns, insects, and tight spaces.

If you're looking to finally conquer your fear, you're in luck. This amusement park located in China called the Window of the World features a ride called "The Cremator," and it does exactly what you think.

The Morgue

Visitors are first put through the Morgue, where they are packed into coffins laid out onto a conveyor belt. Looks very...comfortable? I hope they include some padding.

Feeling The Flames

Ride-goers are then put through a chamber where they suddenly release hot air to represent the flames from the fire used during cremation.

The hot air machines pump out air that is 40 degree Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit. That's right people! So make sure you bring a towel to dab your brow or just an extra shirt because you're set to sweat excessively.

Crowd Reaction

You will come out drenched in sweat, whether from heat, shock, or both. Many customers will shriek once blasted with the immensely hot air.

While some claim they will never return to the ride, many enjoy it and state that they would gladly go through the ride again. If you're interested in checking out the park for yourself, click here. Time to plan a trip to China!

I would probably be interested in this ride if I was incredibly cold and needed to warm up, which is likely since I run on the cool side. I'm all for a little heat, but I am in no way interested in experiencing cremation at this point in my life.

Maybe when I'm 123 years old and dead.

[Source: Daily Mail]


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