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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I've seen a lot of cool reimaginings of the Disney Princesses, but one that really caught my eye was the sweet idea by ultra-talented Tim Shumate. His drawings see the Disney Princess gang as cute-n-sexy tatted up hipster girls - and what amazing pin-ups they make!

Word to the wise, there are people sporting these designs as real tattoos, so let that be food for thought, tattoo fans...

A Lovely Hipster I See

Disney Princess: Snow White

Her lips are as red as rose flash! Waiting for true love's kiss probably won't take very long for this gorgeous girl.

Whip Ya Hair Back and Forth

Disney Princess: Aurora

This kind of tattoo comes round once upon a dream, and it's perfect for a Sleeping Beauty.

Tatted All The Colors of the Wind

Disney Princess: Pocahontas

No wonder both John Smith and Kocoum are fighting for her affections.

Alice in Pin-Up-Land

Disney Princess: Alice

If anyone's got plenty of weird and wonderful material to inspire some rockin' tattoos, it'd be Alice...

Just look at her! On legs! On human legs!

Disney Princess: Ariel

Those green eyes... that red hair... AND the tattoos? Yeah, she's the dream girl.

A Tattoo Is a Picture Your Heart Makes

Disney Princess: Cinderella

Beautiful girls in gorgeous tattoo art... this is what makes life divine.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Disney Princess: Jasmine

Just before the artist started applying the tiger, I bet he was, like, "Do you trust me?"

Belle Du Jour

Disney Princess: Belle

Is anyone else imagining Emma Watson rocking this look for some amazing Alternate Universe Beauty & The Beast live action movie?

Dammit, there are so many gorgeous hipster princesses now, I just don't know the answer to this classic Disney question any more...

For a different, equally brilliant vision of the Disney Princesses as sexy hipsters, check out these gorgeous images!


Would you get a Disney Princess tattoo?

Source: Imgur, Tim Shumate


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