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Disney Princesses are all badass and courageous in their own way, but an artist named Chrstopher Stoll has taken our favorite heroines to a whole new level and made them into superheroes!

So, if you've ever idly wondered which princess would make the best Iron Man or which Disney father figure should shoehorn his bulk into Black Widow's skimpy attire, this post is for you!

Paint with All the Colors of The Flag

With her noble moral sensibilities and desire to do good, it's only natural that Pocahontas has stepped into Caps knee high boots.

The Undersea Avenger

Anyone else love the 'dinglehopper' detail in this one?

Snow White SMASH!

Snow White have enough of cleaning for dwarfs!

Thor Gets Tangled

If you can beat down in a brawl with a hammer, why not a frying pan?

Hawkeye Will Make a Man Out of You

You don't want to mess with this sharpshooting Mulan/Hawkeye hybrid.

Tiana Fury

Tiana has the same steely gaze as Nick Fury.

Iron Jasmine

One of most gutsy of all the Disney princesses, Jasmine was an obvious choice for Iron Man.

Bonus Round


A similar penchant for elaborate horned headgear bought Loki and Maleficent together.

Sultry Sultan

Someone get this emperor some new clothes immediately!

(Source: Deviant Art)


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