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I've seen a lot of incredible fan films that manage to draw together the might of the Marvel and DC Comics franchises, pitting the women, men and gods of both universes against each other in the ultimate bout of playground fandoms. Like. have you ever wondered who would come out on top in a battle between Superman and Thor?

But I've never seen anything quite like the upcoming slice of epicness from YouTuber Saruhan Saral, who, in a mere ten minutes, manages to cram in the comic giants' most loved heroes and villains into one insane and brutal face off, seemingly just because they can!

Animated painstakingly by Saral alone, watch as Spider-Man takes on Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, Iron Man gets all up in Batman's face, Captain America finally gets his dance, but on this time it comes in the form of a rather aggressive waltz with Wonder Woman, and so, so much more.

Check it out:

Using After Effects, Premiere and Audacity to capture voice clips and character models from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us, it took Saral 3 months to rig and animate Marvel vs. DC - The Ultimate Crossover his very first short film. And if this is Saral's entrance to the fan film soirée, it's a pretty damn good party trick.

Now, as I said, the video is 10 minutes long, so if you haven't the time to watch the whole thing...well...


So many battles...

Batman vs. Iron Man

Spider-Man vs. Green Lantern

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

Captain America vs. Wonder Woman

Venom vs. Lex Luthor

And much, much more! You're just gonna have to see for yourself! Also, if you like what you saw, get over to Saral's YouTube and say "hey," or "what's up," or however you like to politely introduce yourself to another human being, and give him a digital fist bump.

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