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Jared Leto's Joker is rocking a radical new look for Suicide Squad, and while his deathly pallor and red lipstick were clearly influenced by Dark Knight Returns, a Redditor has another interesting theory about where art directors are gleaning their inspiration.

Samus1255 theorizes that Michael Jackson's ever changing and increasingly bizarre appearance could have helped shape this incarnation of the Joker.

Jared Leto and Michael Jackson
Jared Leto and Michael Jackson

One of the key similarities between the new Joker and Jackson is clearly the bleached looking skin that is a radical departure from Heath Ledger's deranged greasepaint look.

Leto's Joker VS. Ledger's Joker
Leto's Joker VS. Ledger's Joker

It's easy to see how white skin combined with the razor sharp cheekbones and red lips could evoke the late Jackson in his '90s guise, and you have to wonder if the King of Pop could really have been an influence.

After all, it is often real life individuals that get the creative juices flowing and Michael Jackson has to be one of the most iconic and eccentric looking people of our time.

Another small possible homage is the fact that Leto is only rocking one of the Joker's signature purple gloves in the first look photo from back in April.

The Joker and Jacko rock the one glove look
The Joker and Jacko rock the one glove look

Samus1255 also theorizes that the Joker's personality could be partly influenced by Jackson and sites a quote from director David Ayer that states the super-villain will be just as charming as he is insane.

While this is all obviously one person's speculation and theory, it would be awesome to see a bit of Jacko being thrown into the Joker. The magnetic charisma and undeniable creepiness of the late pop star would throw something new and intriguing into the mix, especially if he can pull off some deranged noises like this too:

(Source: Reddit)


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