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Whether you're a fan of the parades, shows, or a simple meet and greet, there's nothing quite like being a kid and watching the characters you see on screen come to life at the Disney Parks.

Even though these productions are put on regularly, there's still plenty of room for human error. Nobody's perfect, and that includes Disney! While I try not to laugh at other people's misfortune, I can't help but giggle at a few of these. So here are just a few of the trips, falls, and surprises that happened at Disney Parks:

Elastigirl Loses Face

Truly a classic. As scarring as this might have been for the kids in the audience, it was equally hilarious for the adults in attendance.

Mike Takes a Tumble

Poor Mike! I'm sure whoever wears this costume has to deal with tipping over regularly. He's just so top-heavy!


Who in the world thought Yeah, let's put these huge pink hippos on rollerblades! That's bound to turn out well and go off without a hitch? Oh how wrong you were, friend.

Off With His Head

Do you think the Red Queen commanded it? Good thing he didn't take down Tigger with him!

Eye Sea a Slight Problem

There's definitely some nautical nonsense going on with this ship. It looks like Mickey would be better suited to put on an eyepatch and become a pirate.

An Easy Recruit for the Dark Side

Kids really do the darndest things, like wanting to become a Sith.

Brush it Off, Baloo

Luckily Baloo is a character that would be that clumsy in real life. This performer played it off like a champ! I can't imagine it's easy walking in that giant body.

My apologies and praise to all of these hardworking Disney cast members who, I'm sure, were just caught by the camera on a bad day. Even on their bad days they're still able to keep fans entertained!


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