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As well as 'kill,' James Bond can now add 'travel through intergalactic space' to his list of approved licenses.

Nope, I'm not referring to the possibility a modern day Moonraker remake (although that would be kinda epic), but rather Daniel Craig's unlikely appearance in an entirely different film franchise. Some might say the film franchise, it being quite possibly the biggest, most well known movie series of all time. Of course, I'm talking about...

Star Wars!

Just when you thought The Force Awakens' star-studded cast list couldn't get any better, the charming British super-spy joins the ranks...specifically the ranks of the Empire's feared battalion of soldiers.

According to a variety of sources, Daniel Craig is set to make an uncredited cameo appearance in Abrams' ambitious reboot. But don't expect to recognize him, because he'll be donning the iconic white armor of a Stormtrooper!

Aren't you a little dashing for a stormtrooper?

The secret was let slip by another actor heavily rumored to play a bit part in the movie, Simon Pegg.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper at a recent premiere, Pegg was asked about whether we would make an appearance in Episode VII, replying:

I wasn't a Stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a Stormtrooper.

The actor quickly realized his mistake, echoing the famous words of Harry Potter's dear half-giant friend, Hagrid:

I shouldn't have said that.

An unidentified insider said to be close to Craig corroborated the news, but warned audiences not to expect a glimpse of the MI5 agent's chiseled jawline:

Daniel asked for some sort of secret cameo role - and was happy to have his name left off the posters.
Fans will love trying to work out which covered up character is him.

Oh god, I can hear the mass speculation ruminating already. Here's an idea: perhaps Craig - being proficiently trained by the British Secret Service - will be the only Stormtrooper who can actually hit their targets, unlike these incompetent blaster-monkeys:

All jokes aside, I think it's a wonderful little Easter egg to hide Bond in plain view, and provides fans with an unsolvable mystery sure to tantalize and torment us all for years!

For now, all we can do is close our eyes and imagine 007 in George Lucas' incredible universe...

Like this, except just picture Daniel Craig's head instead of John Boyega's

In other non-Star-Wars-related news, Daniel Craig has recently finished filming his fourth James Bond movie, Spectre. The actor, known for performing many of his own stunts, had to be flown to New York for emergency knee surgery after injuring himself on set. You'll get to see the fruits of his painful labor come November 6, 2015.

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