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We all know the formula for Marvel movies. They are funny and sometimes over the top with humor. I for one felt it was kind of forced in Age of Ultron.

Anyway Civil War is a direct result of the events of Age of Ultron. We saw a lot of destruction and carnage in Age of Ultron, and this showed us the true might of superheroes. Now that Civil War has been set up one can only assume that it will not be a happy go lucky movie like man before it.

Marvel has been adapting it's characters, and they have had personality changes, and the story arcs of these personality changes has been awesome. I especially believe that Tony Stark has changed a lot, and if you want to read my article on that click here. But why exactly will Civil War be so serious and dark?

Well firstly Marvel must get into the genre. For too long they have made funny movies that don't hold any true meaning, (most of them for all you haters). But also because in the comics this story line was brutal. I do believe that the fight scenes will be amazing since the Civil War comic book series was one of the most graphic and visually appealing comic books of all time .

Also these are heroes who are fighting for what they believe in. There is no good or bad side. These are heroes who believe in their hearts that what they are fighting for is right, and that is what I home will be portrayed on the big screen.

I also hope that this scene happens at some point in the movie (preferably in the climax).

Wouldn't that be awesome? All of our heroes are down for the count. In the end it comes down to Tony, and Cap fighting for what they believe in. I expect it to be brutal both emotionally and physically. Again this will not be the type of movie where the audience knows who to root for. This is not black and white this is just a lot of gray. At the end of the day you as a person choose who you should side with. That has never been done before on screen, but I believe that Marvel will pull it off.

This movie will have a deeper meaning, and jokes will be far, and wide. Even if one side does win I doubt they will feel like winners. Everybody will go away from this as losers. Except Thor because nobody invited him!

Also I hope at the end of the movie we do see this scene.

Yes! Tony Stark mourning over the death of his fallen Avenger. It was nothing personal it was about what they believed in, and at the end of the day nobody left as winners. No black or white just a lot of gray.

So what do you think will Marvel Civil War be a dark movie or another happy go-lucky action comedy?


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