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Green Lantern is definitely coming to the CW. Here’s why:

• The line in ‘Rogue Air’ about a test pilot disappearing from Ferris Air was obviously a reference to Hal Jordan

• The first episode of The Flash had him training in the Ferris Air Testing Facility

• Ferris Air has been mentioned in a total of 5 episodes in Arrow (3 episodes of which were in Season 3) and 4 episodes in Flash.

• Coast City has been mentioned in 5 episodes of Arrow (3 of which were in Season 3) and 3 episodes of Flash (one which was an actual appearance of the city) alongside 3 comics for The Flash: Season Zero

• These mentions mean something as easter eggs in the CW shows usually lead to an actual revelation. For example, the Grodd cage in Episode 1 of the Flash and the mention of Central City in 1 episode of Arrow before introducing Barry Allen on Arrow, then mentioning it once more before the Flash show came out. Even Midway City was only mentioned once in a Flash episode and Hawkgirl is already coming to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

• The ‘Arrow’ flashbacks seem set to head to Coast City next season, as the ship that Oliver gets on says that it’s headed to Coast City. Whatever is happening in the flashbacks usually has some bearing on the present season. For example, in the second season the flashbacks had Sara and Slade Wilson, and they were also around in the present. In the third season, the flashbacks had Maseo and Tatsu and involved the Omega and Alpha weapon. This was all happening in the present as well. Now, say Oliver heads to Coast City and he sees a Green Lantern such as Alan Scott and that is directly correlated with the present where another Green Lantern has appeared. We can fairly assume that Oliver has met a powered person in the past as he didn't seemed to be fazed by Barry Allen’s powers.

• The fans want it and CW is very good at appeasing the fans, no matter how extreme the request. Eg. A giant, psychic super-strong and intelligent gorilla with mind control and telepathic powers.

• Green Lantern opens up aliens for CW, thus opening up so many more villains and opening up one of the major parts of the DC Universe.

• There’s no problem with having the same Green Lantern as the movies because there’s a total of 6 human Green Lanterns. Plus, he isn't coming for a while. Flash has already been cast and is coming in 2018 and he’s on tv. Green Lantern hasn't been cast and is due for 2020.

• He isn't part of the “Holy Trinity”. He’s probably just under Flash in terms of importance in the Justice League and the DC universe as a whole. In fact, under Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, there are a few heroes who are at the tier just under them, including Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Flash.

• Green Lantern is good friends with Flash in the comics. He was going to be in a team-up movie with Flash a while ago.

The best of bros
The best of bros

Diggle? Maybe Jay Jackson?

So, is Diggle becoming Green Lantern? How about Franz Drameh’s character? Well they both have Green Lantern backstories. John Stewart (like John Diggle) is a veteran. “Jay Jackson” has been described as an “auto mechanic” and I do believe that Simon Baz was an auto-mechanic. Either way, Diggle has been promised a mask and John Stewart doesn't wear a mask. In ‘Fearsome’ he actually mentions how his lack of a mask is a problem. So maybe he’ll become the Guardian or something, but that’s an issue for another article. Also, the writers and David Ramsey (who plays Diggle) have apparently had discussions about the possibility of Diggle being John Stewart.

The writers have mentioned that they didn't want Diggle to be Green Lantern, but they have changed their mind about a lot of things, specifically powers on Arrow. Although, I think Diggle works better as the average guy who the viewer can relate to. I’m personally hoping when he goes up against HIVE, he has an immense amount of anger because of his brother’s death and he gets a Red Lantern ring and he has his own evil arc before Oliver takes the ring away from him, but the Green Lantern universe is then open for the writers. Of course, this will never happen because it makes hardly any sense given how the rings work.

Now, I realise that most of these easter eggs have suggested Hal Jordan, but I mentioned the others because the show could make them live in Coast City as well and John Stewart has been rumoured for a while. I was just compiling Green Lantern hints of any kind.

That one problem

The only real problem there might be with Green Lantern would be the budget problems. Although after Grodd, I definitely trust the CW to find a way around it.

UPDATE: Hal Jordan has actually been seen in Arrow now (Season 4 Episode 1)


So what are your thoughts on Green Lantern? Is he coming? When is he coming? Which version will he be? Who will play him? Do you think I’m completely wrong and someone else like Aquaman is coming? (I’m an Aquaman fan and I would love to rant about how awesome he is and why he’s incredibly underrated, but I’ll save that for a different article).

But yeah, discuss in the comments. I honestly think that Green Lantern is coming to the CW.


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