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I know I am not the only one who can't get enough of Frozen fan art. Not only am I impressed by the imaginative visions, but I am also incredibly envious of these talented artist who have immense skill and talent.

I, on the other hand, can barely draw a stick figure.

Using a blend of digital painting and photo composition, artist Jirka Väätäinen produces portraits of Elsa and Anna as realistic as they would possibly look in everyday life.

Check out his brilliantly illustrative pieces. I half expected Elsa to start belting out an emotional "Let It Go."


It's almost like she's staring right into my soul! Good thing her look is more warm and friendly than frozen.


Anna just looks as sweet as a button, with her little sprinkle of freckles. What a fresh-faced young beauty.

If you think these two girls are practically jumping out of the page, you should scope out more of Väätäinen's striking portraits of even more of our favorite Disney characters.


With that sparkling beam and luminescent skin, Tiana looks as bubbly and lively as ever. It is just me, or are her hands possibly reaching down to pick up some delicious new dish she's experimenting with?


I would kill for gorgeous, luscious hair like Aurora's! Not to mention those naturally rosy pink cheeks.


This artist has completely captured Meg's sexy slanted smile that is half teasing and half affectionate. Not to mention the satin material on her dress looks mind-blowingly realistic.


As a half-Arab girl, I am a fan of wearing this lavish turquoise color. It just happens to look incredible against our radiantly olive skin tone. The gold tones don't hurt either.


The movement in this portrait of Esmeralda makes me feel as if she's going to complete a full twirl, skirts billowing behind her. I would kill for cheekbones like that!

I hope someone creates a sort of technology that would make our favorite Disney characters actually come to life. I would truly enjoy whipping up some delicious eats with Tiana, hiking and appreciating nature with Pocahontas, and riding some waves with Ariel during a scorching day in the summer.

For now, these superb portraits of these Disney ladies will have to do. I swear I saw Meg give me a seductive wink.

[Source: The Daily Dot]


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