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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

A few days ago, the internet world came to a state of anxiety after a series of cryptic Tweets from "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki stating that he was in urgent need of his family. It was revealed later on that Padalecki had a breakdown due to exhaustion from over working himself. This news was truly saddening, while I am not the most avid Supernatural viewer, I still enjoy the show when I do catch an episode. Jared Padalecki is yet another victim of Hollywood's extreme work schedule. There have been many actors who could not deal with the immense pressure always having to perform at their highest level, and not only at their highest level but also doing it 24/7.

Padalecki isn't the first actor to have fallen victim to the immense pressure of what show business is. Christian Bale had a bit of a breakdown from over working himself when he went on a very irate rant directed towards a cameraman who accidentally got in the shot. Even more extreme, Bale's costar from The Dark Knight Heath Ledger went to such great lengths to play the Joker that he even stayed in character throughout the entire duration of the film. This lead to many psychological problems which eventually led to his addiction and untimely death. Many other actors and actresses have went through some sort of breakdown, Owen Wilson, Jim Carey, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr are just a few actors who have had sort of breakdowns.

We Must show these stars the support they deserve.

These actors go through so much and give to the fans more than what we could ever hope to give back to them. When these actors slave themselves just to produce a quality product we must appreciate that greatly. Yes, they do make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but money does not buy happiness. Us as fans must come together and show our support for Jared Padalecki and the many of other entertainers who are going through a battle with themselves, they have entertained us countless times in movies and TV so we really owe them. My support goes out to Jared Padalecki and his family during this tough time, get well soon!


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