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So what we know is that 31 is set on Halloween night in 1975. Images released show gruesome clowns and beyond disturbing concoctions of characters, which are not unusual in Rob Zombie movies. Rob himself has said it's going to be the goriest and craziest movie he has done yet.

Personally, I can't wait.

But now there will also be an in-depth behind the scenes documentary being created by Josh Hasty of Paramount Scope.

documentary still '31'
documentary still '31'

Releasing the image above onto the Paramount Scope website, Josh said:

"Going through 500+ hours of footage (yes five hundred) on my Rob Zombie 31 doc. Here’s a screen cap of RZ and his DP, David Daniels, planning out one of my favorite scenes in the film. A poetic nightmare!”
art sketch for 31
art sketch for 31

Fans of Rob Zombie might have seen that the director does enjoy creating a 'making of' to go along with his movies, most of which end up being longer than the movies themselves!

What happened on the set of the thirty day shoot for The Devil's Rejects was shown in 30 Days In Hell, and a colossal four hour documentary, Michael Lives, followed the making of his 2007 re-make of the cult horror Halloween.

Bring on the gore!

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