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I truly believe that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the funniest standard network television sitcom on television right now. Andy Samberg leads the charge in what has become a really kind-hearted yet super smart and hilarious show. The following will contain some *SPOILERS* so proceed with caution if you have a bunch of these stacked up in your DVR.

So, Captain Holt and Gina are kind of in a stage of limbo right now, and we don't know how they'll be focused-upon in Season 3. Series co-creator Dan Goor had this to say to The Hollywood Reporter about their future:

"They are still regulars and we will be following them. The idea behind Gina going with Holt was to make it as clear as possible that Holt was not leaving the show, but they will be leaving the Nine-Nine at the beginning of the season. You’ll see a new captain of the Nine-Nine and you’ll see Gina and Holt in their new job."

Holt leaving due to his "promotion" should lead to a lot of introductions to new characters - of course, that will include a new captain. It should be interesting to see where the show goes, as it's obviously a sitcom but the storylines are legitimately compelling. We saw the elevator doors open to the new captain, but we never met him or her. Apparently, the person has not been cast yet. Goor added:

There’s a chance that it’s just a new captain and there’s a chance that there’s a new captain and a new Gina. It’ll be very cool to see how the new captain acts like a stone tossed into a lake and see what ripples come from that, and there’s a chance to meet some new people in Holt’s office as well.

It seems like this show utilizes all of its characters well, so I hope whoever they introduce can live up to the rest of the awesome cast. Sign me up for another season!

This show has progressed so much since season one:

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