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With the excruciating wait for Arrow's fourth season having only just begun, all we can do is speculate as to what's next in store for Al Sah-him.

Arrow's showrunners have previously stated that their story is one about Oliver Queen's journey to become Green Arrow; a metamorphosis still very much in progress. But if there's one parameter we can use to measure progress, it's beard length.

Oliver has so far been rocking this rather restrained patch of stubble:

Of course, this middling piece of manscaping looks positively pre-pubescent in comparison to Green Arrow's impressive piece of facial hair in the comic books:

It seems the showrunners are determined to keep Oliver clean shaven until his transformation is complete, but what if we could skip all that waiting around and get to see Green Arrow's final hairy form now?!

Well, the amazingly talented BossLogic has done just that, posting the following awesome, beard-augmented picture of Arrow on Instagram. Check it out:

Admit it @amelladventures l looks super badass with a beard XD #Bosslogic Season 4 @cw_arrow

A photo posted by Bosslogic (@bosslogix) on

Amazing - that's the hero we know and love!

Take a look at how faithful the new look is to the original source material:

Obviously this image is not official in any way, but it gives us a taste of where the showrunners may be heading, and it's a direction I'm very much on board for...

[Source: Instagram]


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