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Daryl Dixon has always been one of the sexiest men in the zombie apocalypse. I mean, slim pickings, but he's still one fine crossbow-wielding walker killer. But did you know that before the walkers took over, Daryl was a model?

More accurately, before Norman Reedus got down and dirty to play Daryl on The Walking Dead, he modeled for companies like H&M, Gap, and Prada. Check out some images of Norman from his younger days that make me a little hungry for human flesh:

The man even makes bellbottoms look good.

Here are 13 other things Norman Reedus looks great doing:

1. Casually grocery shopping

2. Leaning on his side in a pensive mood

3. Chatting on the phone whilst sitting on the floor

4. Holding up his hands in disbelief that these pants are only €49,90

5. Propping up his own jaw, probably trying to keep it from dropping at the sight of his own handsome face

6. Working out on a dock in an infinite loop of perfection

7. Rocking this faded mint green background

8. Draping his arms over a star spangled table of sorts

9. Kind of looking like what Aaron Carter should have grown into

10. Looking great wearing a lot of red despite the unfortunate cigarette smoking

11. Laying a basketball egg

12. Staring into the eyes/possibly stealing the soul of this photographer

13. Being sprawled out on the ground in a Prada tux because why not?

Just like a fine wine, I think Reedus is just getting better with age. Check him out on the cover of Flaunt earlier this year:

Keep up the good work, Norman Reedus' genetics!

The Walking Dead Season 6 will air on AMC starting Sunday, October 11.


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