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Let's face it, at some point in our lives we've all fantasised about having incredible, mind-bending, jaw dropping, eye-popping, muscle flexing superpowers (if you're me, it's an everyday occurrence). Whether it be flight, laser vision, invisibility, self combustion or the ability to eat thousands of burgers all in one sitting, we've all wondered what it would be like to be SUPER!

So as the title suggests, it's time to make those fantasies (sort of) real!

In your article you must choose:

  • three awesome superpowers that you would be able to wield at will


  • one ultimate nemesis that you would battle

But wait there's more!

Who said you need to be a hero? I know for a FACT there are some of you out there who are bad-to-the-bone and would much rather stray to the dark side than fly majestically into the light. Like any superpowered being, you'll have to dig deep on this one. Are you more of a freedom fighter or a freedom taker?

Without further are my superpowered choices!

My Three Powers


So majestic!
So majestic!

Ok, let's start off basic. Flying is awesome, there is no denying it! Tactically it would an immense power to have, especially if your enemy is ground based, what an incredible advantage that would be! Combat aside though, think about the endless holidays you could take and the cool aerobatic tricks you could do. Much like Hal Jordan, as a kid I was fascinated with planes, so the ability to fly would also quench that childlike urge to soar above the clouds but this time parachute free!

2. Super-Intellegence

This new invisible beard trimmer is excellent!
This new invisible beard trimmer is excellent!

There's being clever and then there's being SUPER-clever. Like Bruce Wayne or Martian Manhunter, I would be so intelligent that I could always be one step ahead of my enemies and I could make awesome gadgets that would baffle my enemies- this combined with flight would mean I'd almost be unstoppable already! But wait, I have one more power left to yield!

3. Telekinesis

No mother, I asked for a Mercedes not a Ford!
No mother, I asked for a Mercedes not a Ford!

This last one was a difficult choice. I was going to choose super strength but then I thought "I'm already intelligent, I probably have cool strength boosting suit that I invented because of the cleverness..." so, the next step was controlling things with my mind! I feel like this is the icing on the cake - flight for distance, intelligence for creating genius strategies (and awesome cool suits) and NOW the ability to clean my room without lifting a finger!! I'm the perfect superheroooo!

My Ultimate Nemesis

The Government!

Yes I put rouge on the mask, what of it?!
Yes I put rouge on the mask, what of it?!

There it is ladies and gentlemen, my Arch Nemesis wouldn't be one person in particular, no one madman loose and out of control, no nutty scientist blowing stuff up - I would use my powers to defeat injustice wherever it lay. Much like the X-Men, I would be shunned by higher powers, seen as a dangerous freak, but still, I would be a hero for the people. Who knows how I would pan out in the long run, would I become a misunderstood Magneto or a more placid Xavier type character, who knows? A supercharged V from V for Vendetta! Now that would be cool!

So that's it! For this mammoth task I nominate, Aaron Hubbard, Adonis Gonzales, Angela Dauvin, Shadan Syed and Will Cloud!


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