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Michael Fassbender is a reliably interesting and often funny interview subject - especially when he has his fellow X-Men, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman do turn just about every interview into a hilarious bit of comedy. But as he's been out promoting his new movie Slow West and the Macbeth movie he shot with Marion Cotillard, and the inevitable X-Men: Apocalypse questions come flying his way the results have been a bit more aloof than usual.

Magneto's Brave New Mutant World

A recent interview with Variety touched on Slow West, his recently wrapped Steve Jobs biopic, Macbeth and of course the question of whether he will be appearing in any more X-Men movies after X-Men: Apocalypse. The response was, "I will shoot a hundred of them. The contract is in three film deals, and this is the last of that. But I’ll be curious to see what happens next."

What will happen to Magneto when X-Men ends?
What will happen to Magneto when X-Men ends?

Many people are curious as to what is going to happen next, and it looks like the answer is likely The New Mutants. The recent trilogy of X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, as well as Fox's Fantastic Four movie, has all been helped along by writer and producer Simon Kinberg who confirmed a while ago that X-Men Apocalypse and Hugh Jackman's next Wolverine movie with director James Mangold will be mark the end of the X-Men universe that Bryan Singer brought on screen fifteen years ago.

The Post Apocalypse X-Men Future

And now Kinberg has confirmed that Fox is moving forward with The New Mutants - which will likely end up being the "Untitled Fox Mystery Marvel Movie" that the studio put aside the date of July 13, 2018 for. While this could end up being a one-shot, the idea of The New Mutants - an movie that focuses on a young, diverse cast of X-Men in training - is the exact idea that Fox would be looking for in shaping a new generation of X-Men to carry the franchise forward.

Can Magneto lead the way for The New Mutants?
Can Magneto lead the way for The New Mutants?

The New Mutants has loads of potential - not the least of which being that the idea of teenage mutants being trained in the ways of the X-Men allows for all sorts of possible cameos and introductions to new versions of established characters like your Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X or Magneto. That last name is actually well established as being the actual guy who does much of the training in the first version of The New Mutants in the Marvel comic books. And with X-Men: Apocalypse getting into established storylines that could see a not so bright future for Professor X, it's not a big stretch of the imagination to see a future for Magneto in The New Mutants.

The Uncertainty of Professor X

I've written recently about two storylines that look most likely to come into play for X-Men: Apocalypse - the obvious Age of Apocalypse plot and the classic X-Cutioner Song series - and both of these have some deadly connotations for Charles Xavier. And what better way to put a 15 years in the making series to bed than to have an impactful farewell to a character like Professor X and allow for Magneto to carry on his legacy for him. It wouldn't just make for a touching finale but it would also make for a perfect ending to the current best frenemies story that has been going on between Magneto and Charles these last two movies.

In The New Mutants books, Magneto was the leader of the team from 1986 to 1989 when Cable took over and the group turned into X-Force and became one of the most popular X-Men titles ever. It seems like a simple path for Fox to follow. It will be interesting to see what The New Mutants decides to use for continuity with X-Men: Apocalypse. Kinberg has also said that Gambit and Deadpool are intended to take place in this shared Fox mutant universe and I'm sure they're hoping that both of these movies carry on past their first instalment. With Days of Future Past and Apocalypse doing some crazy retconning and alternate universe building, no matter how much gets revealed ahead of time, it's hard to know what plans are in store for the X-Men universe.

What do you think? Is there a future for Magneto after [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267)? Will The New Mutants be a clean slate for Fox and the X-Men? Let us know what you would like to see for the future of the X-Men and where The New Mutants should be heading! Take to the comments and keep the conversation going!


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