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So in the last year we had the story about Thor Prince of Thunder becoming a Woman. Now we are seeing a lot is people saying if Thor was to become a Woman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who would we like to see take up the role up...and a lot of people said X-Men and Hunger Game star Jennifer Lawrence, these 2 images were even made.

Image 1
Image 1
Image 2
Image 2

No Marvel haven't said Thor is going to become a women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but if they was to do a sex change would fans want to see Jennifer Lawrence as Thor? Anyone who as seen Jennifer's work knows she can be totally bad ass like we've seen in The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games Catching Fire, The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1, X-Men First Class and X-Men Days of Futures Past. So what would people think of this if it was to happen?


If the MCU made Thor a Women would you like to see Jennifer Lawrence take up the role?

Personally I'd love to see Jennifer Lawrence take up the role if she was given the chance, but if you think someone else could do the role better then leave your names down in the comments below.


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