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It has been rumored since last year that "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" could include DC mega bad guy, Doomsday. Over the weekend some news broke on this subject, and it looks like the villain could play a major role in the upcoming film.

According to Umberto Gonzalez, the editor and founder of, Doomsday will be in "Batman v Superman" and he's going to be very significant.

It's rumored that he is going to be the muscle, obviously, for someone like Lex Luthor. It's also rumored that he is going to be created from the corpse of General Zod. So while his origin is exactly like the comic books, it is staying similar.

I'm back!
I'm back!

Let me explain.

  • Doomsday is the creation of science and experimentation
  • He is Kryptonian, though ancient
  • Developed as a weapon

So no, he wasn't created by Bertron, but his origin remains pretty similar, and ties into the previous film.

Now that leads me into my theory:

As we approach this film, and at the end of "Man of Steel", Superman is now known to the world. Some trust him, some don't. So would it be shocking if someone like Lex Luthor was developing a weapon that could go toe-to-toe with Superman? No way.

We also know, from the comic books, Lex is the brains of the operation. He always needs some sort of muscle to do the dirty work.

So here's the theory. What if this newly created Doomsday/Zod hybrid still has all the same Kryptonian powers as Superman? What if Lex has him out raising hell around the world and making it look as though Superman is responsible. Who else do they know of that has powers like this? No one.

That leads to the death of someone close to Batman. So he goes out to search for Superman, believing him to be guilty. They have their conflict, but ultimately discover that someone else is responsible.

"Do you bleed? "
"Do you bleed? "

Doomsday is also a badass. So they would need help from other super powered individuals. Enter Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash.

So for those of us who were wondering why Batman was going to fight Superman, and why the other heroes were being introduced so quickly, this theory may carry some weight.


Do you think this theory is plausible?


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