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Finally the movie we have all been waiting for is out and I got to say it was worth the wait. I have never seen a theater this packed since, The Dark Knight Rises. After leaving the theater in IMAX 3D I felt very satisfied, but at the same time I was underwhelmed, I gotta be honest I wasn't on the hype train like everybody else, I knew that 2012's The Avengers is still IMO Marvel's best film, while some things in this movie what they did well they did incredibly well like the opening scene, The Iron Hulkbuster armor vs The Hulk was very well made. But they did wrong they did really wrong, For example the relationship between The Hulk and Black Widow was very very forced and unneeded. If you thought the romance in Man Of Steel was bad(Which it is.) this one was way worse.

James Spader as Ultron was a hit and miss the voice over work and design was awesome, but the motivation he had in the film was just silly, he felt way to comical in some scenes, Loki in the first film was more entertaining and had a better plan than Ultron did. As for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as characters were a letdown because they were building them up at the end credits for The Winter Soldier, here they were not really that interesting to me. Now one major positive thing in AOU, one-The HulkBuster scene, two-The characters and lastly, The Vision played by the great, Paul Beatney, he performance was just outstanding and I was really surprised they could pull The Vision off in a Marvel film.

Overall AOU IMO was bit of a letdown but I still had fun with this movie, is it the best comic book film, no but it's in the honorable mention section. I love TWS IM08, and GOTG more than this even the first Avenegers. But this film is not worth seeing in 3D let alone IMAX because there are certain scenes were I had to take my glasses off and It really ruined it for me, maybe it's because I sat in the middle instead of the back but oh well I was still entertained by the film you may be letdown but hey at least you have the first film, which I am going to watch right now.

Make sure you check out my video review of the film down below.


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