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Along with the design, characters, gameplay and blending of art styles from across the world, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have long since adored its music. The series' composer, Yoko Shimomura, has done a remarkable job of infusing the music for the series with a melancholic sense of nostalgia. The themes in Kingdom Hearts are both equally heart-breaking and uplifting.

But it wasn't only the music of Shimomura that we adored in Kingdom Hearts, but the work of a Japanese American pop star, Utada Hikaru. At the opening of the first Kingdom Hearts game, we're introduced to her beautifully written, Hikari. It was adored in Japan for its simplistic beauty and Square Enix were quick to pick it for their game. In the West, we received an alternative version of the original with English text, the song we all cherish, Simple and Clean.

Kingdom Hearts 3: will we see Star Wars?
Kingdom Hearts 3: will we see Star Wars?

Kingdom Hearts 3: Utada Hikaru & A New KH Theme Song

We're always unsure of the division of power when it comes to Kingdom Hearts. Do Square Enix have final say on large portions of the game, or is Disney running the show? Judging by the size of the companies, it's probably the latter - however, we may be in luck. Hopefully Square will be able to influence the decision in terms of picking the artist to sing the new theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3, and of course there will be a theme song.

Listening to Simple and Clean or Sanctuary is something that transports me back to my childhood. In my mind, Utada's music is a key component of the series. It would be an absolute joy to see her return for Kingdom Hearts 3! She's inspired a lot of musicians, and actually you have to check out Mree's cover of the song in the clip below! Beautiful stuff.

But what do you think Kingdom Hearts fans? Do you think we'll be able to see Utada Hikaru perform in Kingdom Hearts 3? I could actually see it being unveiled along with some gameplay at E3 this year - wouldn't that be a treat? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of the music of this series. Shimomura and Utada are two amazing women that have contributed to Kingdom Hearts and both of them deserve to be a part of the third instalment. Check out this video below for more Kingdom Hearts bliss!


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