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I am sorry but modern day horror cannot touch the horror of yesteryear and I have been waiting and waiting for this to change but it seems to be a neverending saga with directors, writers, and producers of today, and that is to say put out horror movies loaded with blood and gore as well as about 50 jump scares and watch us get rich.

There is NO LOVE in the making of horror movies of today. There is a lack of an element which is the very essence and proper ingredient in making a successful horror movie, and that element is ATMOSPHERE. This element is so prevalent even in the not so good oldies that makes those movies better than most of the top horror movies of today!

There are NO HORROR ICONS like those of yesteryear. Names like Karloff, Lugosi, Price, Cushing, Lee are all icons of yesteryear that helped the horror genre become superior. Nobody can give a list of what one would call modern horror icons of today that could even come close to the names I just listed.

An individual replied saying that they were tired about hearing all this about classic horror. She said "that was then and this is now." If that's the case, give me then and you can have now. Give me then everyday and all day all year. Because in my mind it was yesteryear when horror was superior, and thank God we have access to all these great not so classics and Classics because i can count 10 or 15 horror movies in the past 20-25 years that I could even talk about in the same conversation when talking about horror movies considered as classics.

The lady says we need to quit hankering about classic horror and give modern day horror another chance? Well, many of us have done just that and we still need to satisfy our hunger for horror, and Im sorry but the only way we are getting satisfied is by "going back to THEN, and doing away with NOW.

Love for the genre, atmosphere and horror icons were then and none of these can be found now.


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