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Hi Guys and fellow MoviePilot fans,

My name is Heather Aspinall I am a postgraduate student at the University of York reading an MA in Postproduction with Visual Effects and I am the director of a film called Trapped Magic.

Illustration by Alex Frost
Illustration by Alex Frost

Trapped Magic is a collaboration of dedicated and talented individuals who are all eager to create a film to be proud of. The team consists of a diverse range of passionate young filmmakers who are currently masters degree students at the University of York and Edinburgh University.

We really need everyone’s help to produce this local independent short. By supporting our project you are helping to support creative thinking and expression of emerging filmmakers!

We are seeking funding through the website to help get this project off the ground. In exchange for everyone’s generous backing we have a fantastic mix of rewards on offer. It’s an all or nothing campaign so if we don’t raise the funding goal within the time limit, we don’t receive anything. Please support this project today and help this project come to life! The ultimate goal at the end of the project is to have a professional, interesting and above all entertaining short that can be entered into film festivals around the world.

Trapped Magic is a 15-minute dark fantasy film set in the Yorkshire area about a shy and unassuming teen who discovers a magic witch’s bottle containing the ghost of a malicious 18thcentury witch!

For more information on the film see our website or Facebook or Twitter page.




Brief Synopsis of Film:

Jack, a troubled and unassuming teen, discovers a magic witch's bottle that contains the ghost of a malicious 18th century witch Sallianne. They team up in order to seek revenge on anyone who has wronged him, but when her actions become murderous Jack begins to question his loyalty. Jack must defeat the witch before the new moon rises when her magic will become stronger than ever. If he fails the world will fall into the hands of evil.

See below for our Kickstarter site which is filled with extremely interesting information on the film.

Kickstarter Site:

For your support you would have our eternal gratitude, as we really need everyone’s support whether it’s a donation or just a share/like! The more people who hear about us the better! This film has the potential to be amazing we just need your help.

Thanks in advance!

Heather (Director of Trapped Magic)

Email:[email protected]


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