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After doing multiple viewings of the videos and translations, I began to find out that the YouTube channel Jerome_The_Joker had some strange connection to multiple rumors and theories. This is purely just my speculation on what is going on with this YouTube channel and how it is Jared Leto's Joker.

After watching the first video, I saw that in the description was what appeared to be Morse Code. Strangely enough I had some form of urge to figure out what this message what saying. After finding a Morse Code translator online, I was able to depict it. The message said "LADIES AND GENTS BATS AND CLOWNS. WELCOME TO THE SHOW. I HAVE A MESSAGE I HAVE SOME FUN, AND SURELY YOU ALL WILL KNOW. AS TIME PROGRESSES MY MOUTH CONFESSES AND AMERICA WILL HEAR. SIT BAT RELAX AND GRAB A BEER." I wasn't sure at first if it was true, but I had that feeling in my gut that it was true and soon after there was another video.

The next video was the same with the Morse Code, but that music box song became more eerie. I had a feeling of disturbance and fear which was the feeling I had when I first read the Killing Joke. That was for sure a coincidence, but it wasn't the last one. The next video was something that was surely made to scare everyone who listened to it. I realized that as each video progressed; the eyes of the Joker on the picture would change.

On the same week, there was a new post that was just Morse Code, no video. The message said "5000 SUBS UNLOCKS SOMETHING SPECIAL!" This was strange because I knew that this person was just wanting the publicity, however, the video that came shortly after would change a perspective I had. The video was called Who is The Batman, and it was a different type of video than the others. The Jokers eyes filled with black, no music at all just Morse Code, and the description translating "WHO CAN SOLVE THESE MAJOR SPOILERS? CAN SEE MORSE CODE IS TOO EASY AND WELL WITHIN YOUR GRASP. THE PUZZLES FROM HERE WILL GET MUCH HARDER BUT THE RESULTS WILL MAKE YOU GASP."

While reading the comments of the video, one comment was able to unravel the video. The results of the video were very strange to me because I couldn't understand part of it. The translation was "I KNOW JUST WHO THE BATMAN IS AND NAME BEGINS WITH B.N IS JUST WHAT IS AT THE END, AND THE MIDDLE LETTER IS E. I DON'T WEAR ANY MAKE UP AT ALL IN FACT I HATE VANITY. MY SKIN IS BLEACHED I AM HAPPY AS A PEACH, AND TATTOOS YOU WILL NOT SEE."

Why I couldn't understand it was because of the fact that it said that n is just what is at the end. The other thing that perplexed me was that N is what is at the end because Wayne ends with an e. However, the translation could be off since this user got the translation straight from listening to the video. The clues that can be shown is the name beginning with B but what about skin being bleached?

As you know, Joker's skin is bleached while Bruce Wayne's is more peach. Also the part about the tattoos because this video came out at around the time Jared Leto's Joker pic came out. People around the internet began to write about that Leto's joker won't have tattoos, but that now can be debunked with recent pictures being leaked onto the internet.

After that video was uploaded, a new post was made which is "I CAN SEE MORSE CODE IS TOO EASY AND WELL WITHIN YOUR GRASP. THE PUZZLES FROM HERE WILL GET MUCH HARDER BUT THE RESULTS WILL MAKE YOU GASP." This made me think about The Riddler since he states these are puzzles. I don't why I thought that way, but I did. I know that Joker makes puzzles for Batman and the GCPD to find things and events that he is plotting.

The next post translation was made to intrigue Batman fans because it is "POOR ROBIN". This really got me thinking about how this channel could be linking to Leto's Joker because of the Robin tattoo on Joker's arm up top. I was thinking that Batman could have been soft to Robin because of an event of Robin's past. Since Robin has been a rumor, I've been thinking about a mix of the Robin characters. That being said this channel could just be someone wanting to get peoples hopes up. Although going back to the topic above, Leto has played with people and to support that is the buff Joker picture.

The next one was a challenge for me because I've been using different methods to understand it. the translation was "THERE ARE THREE THINGS THAT YOU ARE MISSING. LOOK INTO MY EYES." I did what he was doing and look into the Joker's eyes on the pictures. I realized that there was nothing in his eyes then I came up with another image to look at and that was the image in the videos because the videos Mr. J has an announcement, Laugh a little, and Who is the Batman's pictures have the eyes turn for normal to white to pure black. Finally, I thought that this could be reminiscing to Harley, but the next post dives more into Harley's involve.

The next translation states "THEY ARE LYING TO YOU HARLEY. YOU KNOW IT" which helps link to Suicide Squad and the leaked pictures that released. I was so happy about this one because I kept reading it after I looked at the picture of Joker having a gun to his head by Harley.

This last topic isn't a translation but actually a speculation. I've been thinking about the name of the channel, Jerome_The_Joker, because in Gotham the joker like character is named Jerome. Recent rumors state that Commissioner Gordon could be dead in BvS, so I thought maybe he dove to much into dirt he wasn't suppose to be in like in the TV series. Sadly this theory I made is debunked because DC said that the TV universe is separate from the cinematic universe.

My thoughts on if this channel is Leto or not is that it's mixed because this channel has linked things to Suicide Squad's leaked photos and info, but it also has shown things from the rumors that people make. This is some what faithful to Leto's involvement to fans with photos like the tattoo joker, the buff joker, and photos of him reenacting comics of the Killing Joke and the new 52 joker (not the garage joker).

Last note I just realized that in the translation about Batman, I just realized that it spells Ben as in Ben Affleck. Trust me I'm giving myself a face palm, and I just saved you from telling me in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you really liked it, then check out my other post.


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